Alpha Bait

By: Sam Crescent

The Alpha Shifter Collection, 2

Chapter One

Victoria gasped as the steel chain wrapped around her neck, getting tighter with each tug her alpha made. Chain, her alpha, laughed maliciously. She clawed at her neck hoping he would loosen it. Nothing changed. Slowly, he strangled her, all the time staring up and down her naked body. She despised him and wished she had the power to hurt him.

“Now, are you going to do as I say or are you going to piss me off some more? I’d hate to ruin one of my wolves before I put you to good use.” Chain moved closer, touching her body. He had killed her parents and anyone who threatened his alpha status within the pack. Everyone she knew was terrified of him, and there was no one out there to help them. They lived in the mountains far from any other packs of wolves. Chain was the Alpha of their pack known as The Clan. Victoria wished her parents had chosen another pack to put down their roots. They’d been part of The Clan for ten years. At first the pack had welcomed them with open arms. She’d been ten years old and getting closer to her puberty. Mixing with other wolves was vital for all young wolves. Her parents wanted her prepared for the first change. At the ripe age of sixteen she’d undergone her first full-moon where she turned into a red, fluffy wolf. She’d seen her reflection in the river around the back of Chain’s property.

In the last few years, Chain had become worse. At first his cruelty had come from words alone as alpha wolves are not allowed to physically harm other wolves. She didn’t know how, but Chain had found a way to harm them all without physically touching. His name suited his obsession with steel chains and how he liked to hurt people. She’d watched too many of her pack being tortured for not doing as he asked. Chain never touched any of them except with the bite of the steel.

“Well, answer me, you fucking cunt.” He spat in her face, and it took everything inside her not to lash out at him. She’d never been good at keeping her anger under control. Victoria was sure her lack of care toward Chain was what made him aware of her. For a long time she’d tried to stay out of his way not wanting to gain his insane attention. With her parents out of the way, Chain had stepped up his attentions to her. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t leave her alone at all.

Every chance she got Victoria tried to stay away from him. Now he was taking matters into his hands. He hated her for defying him. She refused to mate with him. No wolf, especially not an alpha wolf, could force themselves onto a female. Chain’s human side was deadly, but the wolf wouldn’t let the human hurt another woman sexually.

None of the women had been sexually assaulted by Chain, but the man was inventive and found new ways to hurt them. The men didn’t interfere. They were not strong enough to take on the alpha.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, squeezing the words out through gritted teeth.

He tightened the chain, cutting off her air. Victoria thought she was going to die, and then the pressure around her neck was gone. Chain moved away to pour himself a drink. She watched the expensive whisky bottle tilt, and the scent of spirits filled the air. The alcohol wouldn’t help her situation.

Her body was bruised and her lip split. Why couldn’t his wolf stop Chain from beating them with the steel?

“What do I want?” he asked, turning to her. “Well, I wanted to fuck you raw but you refuse me, and for some fucking reason I can’t get what I want without your fucking consent.” He stopped to smile. That one look terrified her. No alpha wolf could touch their women unless they asked or agreed to it. In fact no alpha wolf could lay a single finger on their pack in violence. The way Chain got around it was the fact he never physically touched them. He used a chain or something else to hurt them. No one would stand against him as he was the alpha. Also, he’d sent many men to their deaths without inflicting a single mark on them. Victoria despised him, but he terrified her, and she bowed her head in shame.

Chain reached out, stroking her face. He never lashed out or hurt with his touch. The steel chains did the work for him. She flinched away from his touch, and he retracted, taking a step back. Victoria smelled his arousal and knew his wolf would intervene if anything happened. It was one small mercy that none of them had ever experienced the kind of pain he wanted to inflict.

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