Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

“Stand up,” he said.

She stood, legs quivering from the time she’d spent kneeling. He ran his hand down her body, tugging the dark curls between her legs. “These will have to go. You’ll be strapped down on the table in my lab and waxed. Now, spread your legs.”

One finger dipped into her slick folds. “Wet already. Good. I was told you are an excellent sub. Turn around.”

She turned her back to him. He grabbed her hands, pulled them behind her back and ran a chain through the metal rings on her cuffs then clipped the ends of the chain together, leaving a few inches between her wrists. The feeling of total helplessness sent her arousal skyrocketing.

“Bend over,” he ordered.

Awkwardly she bent forward, struggling to maintain her balance in the six-inch heels. He wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her in place. His other hand traced the cleft between the twin mounds of her ass, framed by the lace belt and the straps of her garters.

His fingers probed. She clenched her cheeks. He slapped the inside of one thigh. “Keep your legs spread. You will open yourself to me whenever I tell you to.”

He slid one leg between hers, nudging her ankle aside with his foot. If not for his arm holding her firmly around the middle, she’d have toppled over. His hand resumed its invasive probing, dipping into her pussy and spreading her slick juices around. One finger rimmed her ass. She groaned when he shoved it through the tight opening.

“You’ve never been fucked in the ass, have you?” He kept going as he spoke, sliding his finger in and out, penetrating deeper each time.

“No…Sir,” she replied, her voice ragged. It’s too much, the voice in her head cried out. I’m not ready to have my most wicked fantasy come true.

“After you’ve been spanked long enough and hard enough, you’ll beg me to do it.”

He pulled his finger out so fast she couldn’t stifle a cry.

“Want more already? You’ll get it – soon.”

He ran his hand down the back of her thigh. “The seams on your stockings aren’t straight. I can’t abide sloppiness. You need to be punished for that.” Half-carrying, half dragging her to the loveseat, he bent her over the arm.

Mia watched out of the corner of her eye as he opened a tall cabinet against the wall. Inside was an array of paddles, riding crops, and bizarre implements she’d never seen before. Her breath quickened. She was about to be spanked – a real spanking. When he turned, she quickly cast her eyes down, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

He came toward her, slapping something against his palm. “In the future, I’ll occasionally have you choose the implement I use for punishment sessions. Requiring you to select your own tool for discipline will drive home your submission. I’ll enjoy watching you pick up the various whips and paddles, trying to weigh which one will inflict the least amount of pain while knowing a decision that displeases me will have severe consequences.”

She was trying to process what he’d said when she heard a crack, followed milliseconds later by a shocking blast of pain on her bottom. She gasped.

“But for today,” he was saying, “I’ll use this.” The long wooden paddle he’d chosen covered her entire backside with a single swat. “It’s old-fashioned, but effective.”

She’d barely regained her breath when he delivered another stern whack. The slap of the paddle against her skin echoed in the silent room.

A bolt of fire seared her naked ass. Mia squealed and jerked upright. How could she ever have thought she’d like getting spanked?

He shoved her back down over the arm of the loveseat. “I can see you weren’t taught very well by your former Dom,” he remarked. “Moving out of position during a punishment session means I start over and double the strokes you’re getting. To be fair, you can’t be held responsible for his poor training. So I’ll just give you five extra strokes at the end, to help you remember that rule in the future.”

Mia gave a small cry. Her bottom was already burning after only two whacks from his paddle. She wasn’t sure she could bear another one, and he was telling her she’d get five more like it at the end? Of how many?

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