Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

She threw her arms around his neck. “Oh, Jake. Don’t you see? It was all about you. I got so aroused thinking about the things you’ve done to me, the things we’ve done together. Making myself come while fantasizing about you was a way to have you with me last night even though you were far away.”

He kissed her. Softly.

She returned the kiss then pulled away with a mischievous smile. “Permission to speak, Sir?”

He looked down at her, wondering what brought the grin to her face. “Granted.”

“I understand now that what I did was wrong. Next time, if you’re out of town and I get so horny thinking about you that I can’t stand it, may I call you? Then, with your approval, I’ll play with myself while we’re on the phone. I’ll describe what I’m doing all along the way.”

“No. That won’t work for me.” He saw the sudden flash of hurt in her eyes and hurried on, with a stern expression on his face. “It has to go both ways. You’ve already had your turn. So, here’s what we’re going to do next time I’m away. I’ll call you when I get horny…and you’ll do every nasty thing I tell you to do in front of the webcam I’m going to install in your bedroom so I can watch. And you’d better not come until I say you can – or you’re going over my lap for a spanking the minute I get home.”

“Oooh! What nasty things will you make me do?”

His hands roamed down her body. “I’ll make you do this…and this…and if I’m really horny, I’ll tell you to do this.”

He slid into bed beside her and kissed her.

Mia kissed him back. But this time, instead of being soft and gentle, her kiss held a dark intensity that stirred his soul even as it awakened his raging manhood.

Chapter Eighteen

Harmon stared, unseeing, at the holographic images dancing across his computer screen. He had a hard time concentrating these days, and it was all because of her. Try as he might, he couldn’t relegate Mia Thorne to one convenient corner in his life.

Last night, they’d spent the whole night together in his bed. She ended up there more and more. He’d been alone for so long that at first he’d automatically sent her back to her suite after a session in the lab. But the night he’d brought her to his room and pleasured her after punishing her so severely, he found himself waking every few hours to the warmth of her arms wrapped around him. Once he’d even rolled over and cuddled her tight against his body. Soothed by her soft breathing, he drifted off to sleep again.

Now, when he reached for her in the darkness, a stab of loneliness hit him if the bed was empty.

Carmen was constantly singing her praises. At first, she’d grudgingly accepted Mia’s presence in the penthouse. His housekeeper saw herself as his surrogate mother, and she was determined to protect him from harm, especially harm he was naive enough to inflict on himself. She assured Harmon she didn’t object to him having the woman as a sex partner, but she made it clear he was a fool to include her in his business and his private life.

Over time, Mia won her over. Not by trying. Simply by being herself – warm, caring, genuinely interested in other people. Now, Carmen treated Mia like the daughter she never had, teaching her how to make authentic Cuban food while they giggled and gossiped together in the kitchen.

Mia had won the respect of his security force, too. She often joined them for meals. He’d hear them all sometimes, laughing and joking in the casual dining area adjoining the kitchen. Marcus was teaching her to kickbox, and he heard her giving Slade advice on his love life. The guy was crazy about his girlfriend Natalie but clueless when it came to what women want.

Sam still monitored her contact with the FBI. Patterson had been putting on the pressure, but Mia insisted she’d found nothing to implicate Harmon in any wrongdoing. He couldn’t fault her for trying to save her own neck by agreeing to work for the Feds undercover. In her shoes, he’d have done the same thing.

As for him, when he read something that sparked his interest, his first thought now was what Mia would say about it. Although he could demand her presence any time he wanted, at work he’d linger in the hall near her office like a shy, lovesick teen with a crush on his new teacher, hoping to run into her where they could interact casually as co-workers, without the strict guidelines of their D/s contract.

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