Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

Harmon’s eyes bulged with the first sip. He managed to down half the cup and was still wide awake when they left the club as dawn was breaking. “How do you drink that stuff?” he asked her the next day.

“You get hooked on it. You’ll see.”

“No way. Never.”

But now he often had a cup after dinner himself, especially when he was contemplating a long evening that would begin with Mia lying naked across his lap. His cock responded instantly to the thought, like a randy buck picking up the scent of a doe in heat. Thank goodness he had Sam looking out for him.

Harmon decided if Mia Thorne was planning to betray him, he’d damn well see that he had one more wild fling with her before he threw her out on her ass.

She wants to be dominated. Fine. She’ll be dominated tonight. And then I’ll put her out of my life.

Chapter Nineteen

A disembodied male voice responded. “All right. Goodbye, Mia.”

The screen disappeared, folding in on itself as though being devoured by a black hole. That was one of Harmon’s private jokes. Every computer in the building had the voice of Hal, the omnipotent machine in that old sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Mia read the message again and shivered. Her arousal was already building. She knew from experience it would only get stronger as the day went on.

Harmon had a ritual he insisted she follow. Natalie would come to her suite at three p.m. today. She’d have Mia disrobe and then check her thoroughly to make sure she didn’t need a touch-up on her waxing. Carmen would arrive with a light supper around four. She’d lay out the clothing Harmon had selected for this evening’s session before she left.

At first, Mia was embarrassed when Carmen rummaged through the slutty outfits in the closet, pulling out see-through blouses and crotchless panties for Mia to put on. One day, she found the nerve to speak up.

“You know, I only dress like this for Jake, when we’re alone.”

Carmen glanced over at her and smiled. “Of course, querida. There’s nothing wrong with that. I see how you are around the other men here. Always proper, always a lady. But if a woman is smart, she’ll act like a puta when she’s in the bedroom with her lover. And there’s nothing wrong with letting him warm your bottom now and then if he enjoys doing it.” She winked. “Especially if you enjoy it, too.”

Mia felt her cheeks get hot. She was sure Carmen knew what went on between her and Jake. How could she not know, when she tidied up in the lab, putting away paddles and cuffs. But she’d never discussed it before, never even hinted at it in their gossip fests.

Carmen went on. “After all, a man must feel like a man if we want him to act like a man, no? I do whatever I need to do in the bedroom to make sure my Enrique still thinks of himself as strong and virile and in charge, especially now when we’ve been together for so many years. In return, he sees to it that I am very happy by the end of the night, usually many times over. Adding a new spice occasionally, a little heat to the evening meal – – it perks up the appetite.”

Ever since that conversation, Mia had looked at the sex between her and Harmon differently. She’d always been ashamed of her secret hunger to be dominated. To be spanked hard then taken. But Carmen’s calm acceptance of D/s as simply another way for men and women to relate to each other and keep the excitement in their lovemaking opened her eyes.


She loved him. It was that simple.

For a long time, she’d avoided even thinking that word, out of fear. Fear Harmon didn’t share her feelings about their relationship. Sure, he held her, kissed her, caressed her after sex. But he’d never said the words. Last weekend, he’d reached for her hand as they walked through the festival at Bayfront Park. The small gesture touched her heart. When their unorthodox relationship began, any display of affection was foreign to him. The fact he’d taken her hand so naturally, so casually, gave her hope his feelings for her ran as deep as hers did for him.

The contract she’d signed would end in a little over a month. Neither of them had spoken of it, both ignoring the fact. Mia because she didn’t want to leave here, leave him. She hoped Jake felt the same.

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