Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

But her meeting with Patterson yesterday reminded her in the most unpleasant way that she’d been in his life all along under false pretenses. She’d already disposed of the flash drive, smashed it with her shoe then tossed it into one of the countless canals that lined the streets of South Florida on the way home. There was no way she’d ever do anything to hurt Jake.

Mia knew she needed to come clean with him, tell him about her deal with the Feds. Maybe there was something his legal team could do, some way to trap Patterson. She could wear a wire to their next meeting, try to get him to implicate himself in the scam to frame Jake, while admitting he knew all along she’d been innocent of the theft.

Mia decided after their session tonight she’d sit Jake down, confess the truth, and ask for his help.

With her biggest worry eased, Mia’s thoughts turned to the evening ahead, fantasizing about what new thrill Harmon had planned. Natalie came by, ran a gloved hand over her mound, and announced she’d wait a few more days to wax again. Later, Carmen delivered a chef’s salad and a small pitcher of iced tea. Heading for the closet, she pulled out the evening’s attire – – a short black skirt, see-through blouse, and frilly purple panties that would barely cover half of Mia’s bottom.

“Have a good night, sweetie.” She hugged Mia then headed for the hall. “Sorry I can’t stay to chat. I promised Enrique I’d be home early. He says he has a little surprise for me. You and I – – we are lucky women, no?”

“We are lucky women, yes.” Mia smiled as she closed the door. Then she took her time preparing for the evening. Tonight would be special. Tonight, she’d be honest with Jake. She’d even confess that she hadn’t really been Alejandro’s sub. That he, Jake Harmon, was her first and only Dom.

Tonight she’d finally be herself.

Harmon opened the door to the lab, his face expressionless. Mia shivered. This would be one of those nights where he started out tough and hard. She’d learned those nights turned her on the most.

“Go to the mirror.”

She walked to the mirrored wall and stood in front of it, watching as Harmon came up and fastened the virtual reality headgear over her eyes. She blinked, waiting for the scene to change. But she still saw herself there in the lab, with Harmon standing behind her.

“Watch yourself in the mirror while you take off your clothes.”

Obediently, Mia unbuttoned her blouse, staring at her reflection the whole time. She slipped it off and let it drop to the floor then reached for the zipper on her skirt.

Her hands froze. The mirrored wall had become a tinted glass window. On the other side of the glass, half a dozen men sprawled on chairs and couches in an adjoining room. She didn’t recognize any of them, but every one had his eyes trained on her.

She realized she’d never been on the other side of the mirrored wall. That room, and the men in it, could very easily be real.

“Why did you stop?” Harmon’s voice was harsh.

“Those men, Sir. They’re…watching me.”

“That’s none of your concern. You disobeyed a direct order. Go over to the bench and lie across it.”

Mia took a few steps, and her knees hit the padded bench she’d been on before. This was all so familiar and yet tonight it felt somehow darker, more depraved. She draped her body over the bench, trembling.

“Turn your face to the window.”

Mia did as she was told. Harmon walked over, lifted her skirt, and tucked it into her waistband. Running a hand over her skimpy panties, he paused and looked at his audience. Then he jerked the wisp of silk down around her knees.

A bolt of fear shot through her. Suddenly she hated this virtual world. It was too real. She could see her reflection in the tinted glass, but she could also see the leering faces of strange men beyond it.

Harmon grabbed a narrow wooden paddle and whacked her with it. Mia flinched, biting back a cry. She’d never gotten used to the searing heat of a spanking, the white-hot pain that burst over her with the first stroke, building until she feared she couldn’t bear it any longer without howling and begging for mercy.

He stopped abruptly. “Get up.”

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