Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

She struggled to her feet, panties around her knees.

“Now, face the window and strip.”

Head down, she slid the panties off and reached around to unhook her bra, leaving the short black skirt tucked into her waistband with her bare burning ass in full view.

“You don’t get to hide. Look your audience in the eyes while you get completely naked for them.”

Blinking back tears of shame and embarrassment, she raised her head. One of the men had his cock out and was jacking off as he stared back at her.

Mia turned to Harmon. “Please, Jake, can we do a different fantasy?”

He grabbed her arm and yanked her closer to the window. “I said look at them. You think this is just another fantasy? You signed a contract. You’re my sub. I can do whatever I want to you.”

He let go of her arm. “If you want to leave, go ahead and leave. Now. Or else do as you’re told.”

She didn’t know why he was being so cruel. This didn’t feel like their usual D/s scenes. He sounded bitter, angry. Mia wanted desperately to please him, to hear him tell her once again how much she aroused him. She bit her lip and stood there, silent, hoping his mood would pass if she threw herself into his fantasy, making it come alive the way he’d done for all of hers.

Harmon waved his arm, and one of the men got up and opened the door next to the glass wall. He came into the room. Harmon pulled her arms behind her back, turning her to face the glass so the others could see. The stranger reached out and pinched a nipple cruelly between his fingers. Mia gasped. He laughed and ran his hand down between her legs.

“She’s already wet,” he said, waving his fingers in the air in front of the glass so the others could see. Then he got close to her face and slowly ran his tongue up and down each finger.

A second man came into the room. Harmon forced her head down so she was bent over at the waist. The man stepped behind her and grabbed her aching bottom with both hands.

“You said I could spank her,” he said to Harmon. “Her cheeks are flushed, but I want to brand this hot ass with my own red stripes. I want to do it while Gary fingers her pussy. I want to hear her squeal and beg to be fucked.”

“The paddles and whips are on that table. Pick any one you want.”

Mia was sick with grief. She’d been wrong. Harmon didn’t love her. He couldn’t possibly do what he was doing – – handing her over to total strangers – if he cared for her at all. She couldn’t tell how much of this nightmare was fantasy and how much reality. Suddenly all she wanted was for the horrible virtual world to disappear so she could leave here forever.

She struggled when she saw the new man walk up behind her with a cane. At the first swish, she let out a shriek. The pain was so intense, she thought she’d faint. The thug in front of her laughed and rammed two fingers into her pussy.

Forgetting about virtual reality, Mia fought for real. She kicked back with one stiletto-clad foot and heard the man behind her howl.

Harmon dragged her to the spanking bench. Mia felt him fastening the restraints over her wrists while another pair of hands behind her tightened the straps around her ankles, spreading her legs wide. The man with the cane delivered another fierce whack to her burning bottom.

Mia couldn’t hold it in any longer. She howled.

“I need to shut you up.” Harmon unzipped his pants. His cock was rigid. “Suck it.”

She took him in her mouth gently, lovingly, hoping that would soften his mood. But this Harmon was cold and arrogant, as much a stranger as the other men. He grabbed her head with one hand and held his cock at the base with the other as he pumped his hard length into her mouth. Mia heard another swish then moaned as the cane connected with her aching backside again.

Her eyes widened in horror when she caught the reflection of the man behind her in the huge mirrored wall. He’d dropped the cane and was unzipping his pants. She felt his hands fumbling, felt him pull the cheeks of her ass apart. Mia writhed, trying desperately to escape.

He shoved a finger into her tight bottom hole.

“So, tell me. Am I a better Dom than Cabrera was?” Harmon’s voice, raw and harsh. “I guess you can’t answer with my dick down your throat, can you?”

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