Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

Jake got down on one knee and brought out a little square box from the pocket of his shorts.

“Mia Thorne, will you marry me? Will you promise to love and cherish me for the rest of our lives? Will you promise to obey my every command when we’re alone in the bedroom? And the kitchen. And maybe the laundry room.” His eyes danced. “And definitely when we play pirate on the boat I bought for our honeymoon.”

“Yes.” She threw her arms around his neck, punctuating her words with wild kisses. “Yes…and yes…and definitely yes!”

Turn the page for a sneak peek at Kallista’s scorching hot new paranormal romance Date With a Demon.

A Sneak Peek at Date with a Demon

Lexi lived out her romantic fantasies in the pages of the books she wrote -

Until she met a man who could tempt an angel to sin

When her best friend sent Lexi a desperate email pleading for help, she was on the next plane to Dallas. Melanie said her new house was possessed by evil spirits frightening her children. One of the few people from her past who knew about Lexi’s psychic abilities, Mel begged her to use her gift to banish the demonic presence from their home.

Lexi supplemented her earnings as a budding romance novelist by doing psychic readings. Though she could predict when love would strike her clients, her own future had always been impossible to foresee.

But when Mel arranged for her to team up with another psychic, one touch of his hand sent lifetimes of amorous images pouring through her head.

Women from fifteen to ninety-five swooned when Raphael Cummings walked into a room. Devilishly handsome, he’d earned a reputation for battling the forces of evil. So when a friend told him about a woman whose children were being terrorized by a dark presence, he volunteered his talents.

Rafe never expected to come face to face with the woman he’d shared countless lifetimes with. Though Lexi claims she doesn’t remember him, when he takes her in his arms, her body responds to the wicked desires he awakens in her like a long-lost lover.

Together they set out to banish the evil entity from Melanie’s home. But when they run up against a force more malevolent than any they’ve ever encountered, will the love they’ve shared for centuries be powerful enough to save them?

Date With a Demon is a stand-alone paranormal romance featuring a shy, sweet heroine and a smoking-hot Alpha male.

WARNING – Don’t buy this book if you’re offended by steamy sex scenes


“Bend over my lap,” he ordered.

Selena draped herself across his thighs. This commanding tone in his voice was new…and thrilling.

Jason pulled up her skirt and yanked the black bikini panties down to her knees. Selena shivered as his rough palm stroked her bare bottom.

“So you don’t just read dirty stories. You write them, too. How long were you going to keep that a secret from me?” He gave her a stern smack.

“I found your latest one. You want a man who will dominate you? Fine. Today you’ll write with your ass hot and red from a good hard spanking. Then tonight you’ll dress up for me. Wear the purple corset you bought that laces up the front with your black stockings and garter belt. Nothing else – except your black stiletto heels.”

As he spoke, he spanked her steadily, first on one cheek, then the other. She could barely concentrate on his words. Every time his hand came down, a shocking lick of fire danced across her naked bottom.

“You’re gonna read me what you’ve written. If I hear something I don’t like, you’ll get spanked again. Then you will rewrite that part so it gets me horny. And you’d better not dawdle. Because when you’re through, we’ll spend the rest of the night acting out whichever dirty scene is my favorite.”

Selena lay across his lap, trembling. Her sweet, mild-mannered husband was saying – and doing – things she’d only imagined. But the scorching sting on her backside told her this was no fantasy.

“To make sure you write really slutty, I’m going to give you a little inspiration.” Jason pulled her up and led her to her desk. Selena hobbled along, panties around her knees.

He shoved the desk chair aside. “Bend over and pull your skirt up to your waist.”

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