Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

Selena did as she was told. Jason stomped out of the room. She heard a drawer open and close in the bedroom then his footsteps returning. What was he going to do? The inferno raging on her bottom met the molten heat between her thighs, sending a bolt of lust straight to her core.

Suddenly she felt something hard and smooth pressing against her bottom hole. She jerked upright.

Jason pushed her back down and held her there with a firm hand on her back. “Don’t move.”

She caught a glimpse of the object in his hand and froze. A gleaming metal butt plug, slim and rounded at the tip, gradually flaring out to a frightening width until it narrowed again right above the base – just like the one she wrote about in her last story. He shoved her legs apart and ran the cold tip of it around the tight pucker of her ass. She gasped and tried to squirm away then squealed when he gave her a hard swat.

“I said don’t move!”

In one agonizingly slow move, Jason worked the tip in. She tensed, expecting pain, but he’d coated it with lubricant to ease its entry into her virgin ass. He pulled it back out, and she whimpered, wanting more. Jason laughed, wicked and low, a sound she’d never heard before, and slid the cold hard object in and out, each time deeper. She moaned, struggling to stay in place.

When he pulled it out, she sagged over the desk top, half relieved, half shamefully disappointed. Then she felt the hard tip again, probing her relentlessly. She shivered, savage desire building as it went deeper and deeper until he rammed it in all the way to the base. Selena shrieked, wiggling frantically.

Jason held her in place over the desk. “You need to learn that things have changed around here. You will do as you’re told from now on,” he growled. “Or this ass will be teased and tormented on a daily basis.”

Jason disappeared into the bedroom again, and Selena heard him digging in the closet. Too soon, he was back. His fingers slid over her stinging bottom, past the hard object protruding from her ass, to dip into the slick heat between her legs. She bit her lip and wrapped her hands around the corners of the desk, forcing herself to stay still.

He laughed again, as though enjoying her struggle, and fingered her clit as he grabbed the base of the plug, wiggling it around. She cried out, grinding her mound against the rounded edge of the desk.

He showed her the object in his other hand. “All that wiggling around you did after I told you not to move earned you ten swats with this brand-new wooden paddle you bought me a while back. You’ve been aching to feel it, haven’t you? And if you disobey me again, you’ll get ten more.

“Now count,” he ordered, as the paddle swished through the air.

Selena shrieked at the raw sting. “No, stop! It hurts!”

“From now on, our marriage isn’t going to be only about how you feel or what you want. I told you to count…and until you do, I’m gonna keep spanking you. Then we’ll start all over on the ten swats you’ve earned.”

The paddle whacked her ass again, covering every inch of her aching bottom with one harsh stroke.

Selena drew in a rough breath. “One.”

“That’s better.” He grabbed the base of the plug, twisting it.

She moaned, fingernails digging into the wood, desperately trying to stay in place. He followed up with another stern whack. Selena cursed the day she’d brought it home a few months ago, handing it playfully to the man who’d always been so gentle...until tonight.

“T-two,” she managed to stammer.

The wooden paddle cracked down again and again. Selena forced herself to concentrate, her voice breaking, till she counted to ten. Each stroke of the paddle drove the butt plug deeper. Her legs trembled with the effort to maintain the wide stance he demanded.

Between the hard, cold object invading her ass, the harsh sting of the paddle, and the wicked thrill of having her normally mild-mannered husband act out a fantasy straight from one of her stories, Selena was dripping wet.

Jason pulled the chair back to the desk. He pushed Selena into a sitting position, making sure her skirt was still tucked up around her waist.

“I want you sitting there with your bare ass hot and stinging. When you’re ready for me to hear what you’ve written, call me. I’ll be waiting. But this time, it will be our story you write…or you’ll have to start all over, beginning with another session across my lap.”

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