Baring Mia

By: Kallista Dane

Jason headed for the bedroom then stopped.

“By the way, you’re not allowed to play with yourself, except to wiggle around so you can feel that plug I rammed up your ass. If your story is really good – or really bad– I may have to replace it with this.”

He unzipped his pants to display the cock she knew so well. It was already stiff, throbbing with need. To her surprise, he stood there and stroked himself openly, making sure she watched, before disappearing into their bedroom.

Selena shifted experimentally in the chair. Jason was right. The rough fabric on the seat of the chair served as a constant reminder of how much her bare bottom stung. The plug sat firmly in place, deep in her ass, but if she rocked from side to side, she could tease herself, wiggle it around like Jason did.

She felt a stab of raw lust. It was all she could do to keep from reaching down to slip a finger into her dripping pussy. But that would be against the rules.

Selena smiled…and typed.

Chapter One

Lexi Jacobs pushed a limp strand of hair off her forehead and slumped back in the chair, rolling her shoulders to ease aching muscles. Then she sat up straight, tightened the belt of her fuzzy brown bathrobe, and scrolled back to reread tonight’s pages. She changed a few words, added a detailed description of how red Selena’s poor ass was getting while she was being paddled, and hit save.

This was shaping up to be her hottest story yet – a hero with enough Dom coming out in him to keep things edgy, lots of spanking, and the latest scene featuring ass play. Suddenly she was starving. Lexi glanced at her watch, surprised to see it was nearly midnight. She’d been planted in front of the computer for hours.

“Come on, baby; let’s find something to eat.”

The gray cat rose effortlessly from the easy chair near the desk and padded along behind her to the kitchen.

“How can you sit in one position for hours and never seem to mind?” she asked him. “Every muscle in my body is screaming at me right now. I really need to go to the gym again.”

The cat ignored her as usual, wandering aimlessly around the room as if he wasn’t the least bit interested in what she was doing. Until he heard the can opener. Then he was all over her, rubbing sensuously against her bare ankles, purring as he wound his fur-clad body back and forth between her legs.

“I wish I had a guy who was half as interested in me as you are right now, JayJay. I’d love to meet a Jason – or any other hero out of my books.”

Lexi split the can of tuna between them, dumping half into a bowl to mix with mayo and relish and adding a few slivers of water chestnut. The rest she put on the floor in front of the cat. He immediately went back to ignoring her, focusing all his attention on the bowl.

She grabbed a fork and polished off her half of the midnight supper standing up then headed back to the alcove off the living room where she’d set up her desk. Time to check the mail.

Lexi was disciplined about that, never opening her emails until she’d finished writing the day’s word quota. It was too easy to get sidetracked. Before she knew it, she’d be wasting hours reading the latest missives from other single females who had nothing better to do with their evenings than Photoshop funny captions onto pictures of their cats, none of whom were as cute as her JayJay.

“Oh, great, here’s an offer to exchange dirty webcam pics with a Russian slut. And we have three guaranteed penis enlargement offers.” Lexi scrolled through the day’s emails, keeping up a running commentary for the cat, who was once again ensconced on the cushions of the armchair.

“That’s the trouble with going to all those X-rated sites to research my stories,” she muttered as she marked a whole row of emails and hit the delete button. “I’m telling you JayJay, they sell my email address to a whole array of smut peddlers. Otherwise why would I get a fresh load of this crap every day?”

At the mention of his name, the cat glanced over. When it didn’t look like any more tuna was forthcoming, he went back to licking himself. Lexi scrolled down, stopping when she recognized a familiar address. Eagerly, she opened the email from her best friend Melanie.

“LEXI I NEED U DESPRATLY” read the subject line.

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