By: Peggy Webb


From: Bea ([email protected])

To: Molly, Janet, Joanna, Clemmie, Catherine, Belinda

Re: Home!

Another Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. Wrong! He broke up via text message. Can you believe that!!! What a coward! It boggles my mind how many men start out with potential and then end up nowhere close to the altar! At this rate, Virginia will be bald and gray before anybody get close enough to even say hello, let alone get up close and personal!

I can’t wait to get back to Alabama! I need this break from my boss! She’s like Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada! Only worse! When I get home, Mother will tell me everything is going to be all right. I know better, of course, but still it helps to hear her say it.

And Molly, it will be amazing to see you. You and Sam will be at the family reunion  , won’t you? I still can’t believe you married my brother!!!! Don’t let him turn you into a banker’s wife! Just stay the same mischievous Dixie Virgin we all love and adore! Of course, you’re not technically a virgin anymore, but I can’t even go there!!!!

Dang, I hope this new car makes it. Well, it’s used, very used, but it’s new to me. It’s a red Jag; can you believe it!!! I look like a million bucks in this car!



From: Molly ([email protected])

To: Bea, Belinda, Janet, Joanna, Clemmie, Catherine

Re: Florence

OMG, my honeymoon in Paris was AWESOME!!!! We’re back in Florence now, settling into Sam’s house. Of course, we’ll be there! OH, Bea, I can’t wait to see you!!!

Me? Perfectly proper and non-controversial? NEVER!

Much love,


From: Janet ([email protected])

To: Molly, Bea, Clemmie, Catherine, Belinda, Joanna

Re: Breaking Up

Hang in there, Bea. Breakups can’t be easy. I think I’d die if Dan ever told me he was leaving! Oh, did I tell you! I’ve got a job offer at the hospital here in Tupelo, which is such a relief! Now, I can concentrate on getting my husband to cut out the junk food and eat healthy!

Listen, Bea, have you ever thought about why you keep breaking up? What man in his right mind would ditch you! I think you may be subconsciously pushing them away because of the way Taylor Adams left. I know this isn’t easy to hear, but children whose fathers leave the family often have abandonment issues.

Now that I’ve had my doctor’s say, do you want me to come to Texas and kick his ass?



From: Belinda ([email protected])

To: Bea, Molly, Janet, Joanna, Clemmie, Catherine

Re: Pregnant

Bea, I do wish you could find a wonderful man like Reeve. He worships the quicksand I walk on. We’re still trying to get pregnant, but I can’t seem to make a baby with him. I’m so upset!

Janet, do you reckon I ought to go to a fertility clinic?



From: Janet ([email protected])

To: Belinda, Bea, Clemmie, Catherine, Molly, Joanna

Re: Fertility Clinic

No, Belinda! Give nature a chance to take its course.


From: Clemmie ([email protected])

To: Bea, Janet, Belinda, Catherine, Molly, Joanna

Re: Peppertown

Bea, if you need some extra petting, stop by the boarding house on your way to Florence. We’ll sit in the gazebo out back and laugh and cry and eat chocolate, and I’ll send you on your way with a big care package of cookies.



From: Catherine ([email protected])

To: Bea, Janet, Belinda, Molly, Clemmie, Joanna

Re: New Orleans

OMG, Bea. The next man who breaks up with you is going to get a piece of my mind! Not that I have much mind left! OMG, some of these veterinary medicine classes are killing me. If I didn’t have the unveiling of my Virginia to look forward to, I’d throw myself into the Mississippi River!



From: Joanna ([email protected])

To: Bea, Molly, Catherine, Janet, Clemmie, Belinda

Re: Unveiling Virginia

LOL!!! Bea, I’m so mad on your behalf I’d be right there kicking butt and telling Mr. Wrong off if I could! But a RED JAG!!! You go, girlfriend!!! Even your VIRGINIA looks better in that!

I’m sick of being stuck in Madrid with a bunch of nuns! If I ever get out of school, you’ll hear me screaming all the way across the ocean.

Big Hugs!!!


From: Bea ([email protected])

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