Billionaire and the Cowgirl

By: Ella Goode

“During takeoff.” I sit down on the edge of the bed and place her between my knees, running my hands up her legs. They’re strong and firm from riding and lifting hay and mucking stalls. Astor is not a society girl who gets her muscles in the gym. She’s earned them from working hard. I love that about her. “We’ve got a short flight. Let’s make the most of it.”

I pull her close and kiss her stomach through her snap front flannel. It’s an ugly piece. Birdie made a face when Astor wore it the other day, but it’s perfect on Astor. I slip my finger inside one snap and twist. As the metal gives way, Astor sucks in her breath. I pause and wait for her to tell me to stop, to push me away, to call for the flight attendant.

When there’s nothing but silence, I undo another snap and then another until her shirt parts entirely and falls to her sides.

“Ah, Astor, look at you. You’re so gorgeous. I don’t know which part of your body to kiss first.” Her tits encased in plain white cotton call to me, but so does the concave surface of her belly, the curve of her waist, the prominent collarbone.

“I thought we didn’t have much time,” she replies. The tone isn’t pert, but rather breathless. I look up and catch a glimpse of a wild-eyed girl caught up in a maelstrom of need and want herself.

“You’re right.” I unzip her jeans and yank them down. She braces her hands on my shoulders as she hops from one leg to the other, helping me get her down to just her panties, her unsnapped shirt, and her bra. Her panties are quickly replaced by my mouth.

She screams when my tongue makes contact with her clit. I reach up and clap a hand over her face.

There’s a tentative knock and then, “Is everything all right?”

I move my hand so she can speak.

“Y-yes, everything’s fine,” Astor manages to get out. “I stubbed my toe on the corner of the chair.”

I flatten my tongue and lick her from clit to pussy and back again. Astor yelps again, but this time I’ve anticipated her and muffled the sound. I don’t care if the flight attendant walks in, to be fucking honest. I’m not removing my mouth from Astor’s cunt even if someone puts a gun to my head.

I keep licking her, adding in one finger and then another into her tight, hot channel. She starts to cream, coating my fingers and my tongue. Her knees give out, so I whip her onto the bed and change positions, kneeling between her knees and tugging her ass to the end of the mattress. I fling her legs over my shoulders and lean in, sucking hard until my cheeks hollow out from the force of my suction. My cock pounds against the denim, desperate to replace my tongue.

Her nails drive into my skull, so sharp and hard, I swear to God she’s piercing the skin, but again, no fucks given. This pain is good. This pain is her telling me that she’s having an out-of-body experience. That her orgasm is sending her reeling. That this pleasure is so great she will never be able to live without it or me.

I eat her harder, devouring her like she’s my last meal, sucking on the clit, arrowing my tongue hard inside of her, adding another finger and then a third. She screams into a pillow as she comes, her juice smearing across my face. I don’t stop. I suck again, finger-fucking her until my hand is covered in cum. She’s so responsive, so hot, so beautiful. I’m going to die if I don’t get inside of her soon. I thrust into her again and again until her whole body is shaking and she’s crying into the pillow. I drink until there’s nothing more that can come from her. Then I gather her trembling body into my arms and collapse into the captain’s chair.

She buries her face into my neck. “Cane, I didn’t know. Is this how it always is?”

“Between us, yeah. You’re all I want to know, baby.” I keep my hand on her cunt, pressing that sensitive area, soothing her, holding her as she comes down from her high. “It will only ever be this way between us, baby. You can’t ever be with another man. I’ll kill him. That’s how it’s going to be. You and me forever or no one else.”

Her father can’t keep her from me now. I’ll kill him, too, if I have to.


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