Billionaire and the Cowgirl

By: Ella Goode


“Cane Justice. Checking in,” says the woman behind the front desk.

He’s got his arm draped over my shoulder with me tucked into his side, and still she is eye-fucking him. Dream on, lady. I bet his mouth still tastes like me.

With everything Cane did to my body on the plane ride, there was something about him kissing me and tasting myself on his lips that was so damn erotic. It wasn’t how I imagined my first kiss. Though it really wasn't my first kiss.

In the ninth grade, Dexter West caught me off guard in the hallway outside of my locker and planted a kiss right on my mouth. There wasn't tongue involved or anything. It was just a peck and was over before it even began because Cane jerked him off of me. I got so mad at Cane because he sucker-punched Dexter, beating me to it.

I heard later that Dexter had done it because of some kind of stupid initiation ritual for the baseball team. I wasn't sure if that was true until I’d spotted a few other members of the varsity team with black eyes. I didn't have to ask where they came from.

“Just one room?” the lady asks, her eyes bouncing between us.

“Yep.” Cane drops his head to look down at me.

I’m guessing he’s gearing up for my protest. There isn’t going to be one. I’m getting one night away from the ranch and my father. I might have to work some or whatever you want to call what Birdie has planned for me, but it’s going to end with Cane’s mouth on me at the end of the day.

Cane went and kicked that door wide open, and now he’s going to have to see to my needs because going back to my own hand is not going to cut it anymore. This must be why girls have toys. I might need to look into that when I get back home. I’ve been ruined, and I’m not mad about it.

Cane gets us all checked in before guiding me over to the elevator. “I haven't stayed at a hotel in forever,” I say when we step on, trying to remember the last time I had. “Wow.” A wave of sadness fills me when I realize it was back when my mom was alive. “We kind of stopped living when my mom passed. Or my dad did, and he took me with him.”

“I know you want to take care of him. He’s your father, but you can’t let him hold you back. I’m guessing you feel you owe it to your mom to take care of him.”

“I do.” But it’s more than that too.

“But what would your mom think of how you’ve been living?” His question knocks me right on my ass.

I remember so many nights sitting outside with Ma, dreaming about what the future might hold for me. She knew Cane, and definitely knew I was in love with him. All the dreams I had back then had included him.

“She’d be mad. Real mad. Especially at you if she knew you shot me down that day.” He drops his head. “Don’t—you’ve said sorry. I’m only giving you a hard time.” I instantly want to take the words back, but I know I can’t.

“I know. And it’s deserved.” The elevator dings, the doors sliding open. Before I know it, Cane has me swept up into his arms and is carrying me off. “Next time we’re in the elevator, we’ll make out.”

“Why the elevator?” I laugh.

“Isn’t that what girls want? I read that Fifty Shades book to see if I could learn something to woo you back. They were always getting it on in the elevator.” I burst into laughter. I laugh so hard that tears start to roll down my cheeks.

Cane carries me into our suite, setting me down on some counter. The place is giant. It has a whole kitchen in it that’s bigger than mine back home. He leans in, placing a kiss on my cheek and then another. It feels good being here with him like this. I love that he can never seem to get enough of me.

“Love when you make that sound. What other books can I read to get this laugh out of you?” I know he’s teasing, but I’d bet my ranch that he’d read whatever I suggested if it meant getting closer to me.

“This has been fun. I’ve missed you, Cane.” I let out a sigh, suddenly feeling as tired as if I’d worked a full day.

“Missed the hell out of you too.”

“You’re different.” I reach up and run my finger down his hard jaw.

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