Billionaire Daddy's Virgin

By: Bella Love-Wins


I’m back to take what was always mine.

Jace Knight

Cherry comes off as shy to most, but I know her. She’s determined, brazen, and way too young.

And she wants me.

I turn her away because of her age, but she shows up on my doorstep on her eighteenth birthday.

So I can be her first.

She’s a virgin, barely legal, but this shy yet fiery little contradiction begs me to give it to her rough.

One touch and I know she’s been right all along. The moment I reject her in the worst possible way, I realize I want to claim her for myself.

Except, now she hates me.

Too bad, because I’m back to be the man she never had.

Cherry Buchannan

My mother’s gone from this world, and my father wants nothing to do with me. In spite of my family’s wealth, from a young age, I decided that I needed to make it on my own.

I will.

But Jace is different. He doesn’t see me as everyone else does.

That’s why I want this bad boy with the filthy mouth to do dirty things to me.

One day, he does.

It’s heaven and hell rolled into one. And then he breaks my heart just to make me hate him.

Years later, he comes back to collect, and he won’t let me forget that he already owns me.

Prologue - Jace

The Present

“I have no one. I feel so numb…so empty.”

The pain in her eyes causes me to pull her tight to my chest for a few moments, then back her up to the bed and give her shoulders a shove to make her sit.

“You know better than that, kitten,” I growl. “Once you cross that threshold, there’s no talk, no resistance, nothing but what I tell you.”

“Yes, but I’m so…this can’t be happening—”

“Stop. Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she breathes out in a whisper, staring up at me with those blue-green eyes that have more power over me than she’ll ever know.

“Then no more talk…not unless I say.” I fold my arms and give her a moment to settle down. “I know what you’re going through, Cherry. But you don’t have to worry. In here, and now out there, I’m your daddy now.”

She nods with understanding.

“Say it,” I order, squaring my stance.

“You’re my daddy now. Please. Please help me forget.”

“That’s right,” I tell her, gently running the back of my hand down the side of her sweet face. This is where gentle ends and rough begins. Because she needs to feel it rough now more than ever. “I own you, kitten.”

“You do…you own me.”

I tilt her head up and bend forward, gripping her strawberry blonde locks and wrapping a handful around my fist. She moans as I crash my lips to hers for a kiss she won’t forget anytime soon.

“And I’ll protect you,” I rasp against her lips. “But first, I’m going to have you. Whichever way I want. As rough, as dirty as I please. And you’ll take it. You’ll do as I say. You won’t be numb after I’m done with you. I’ll make you feel again, until you’re so sore you won’t remember what it’s like to be numb.”

Introduction - Cherry

A handcrafted, framed photo sits on the mantle in my father’s living room. It reads, ‘There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who enter and leave like a comet streaking across the sky, and those who forever spin around your orbit. Cherish them both. Never doubt how much you need them, or that they both exert a powerful, lasting force over the course of your life.’

For a long time, I never understood what it meant. That all changed when Jace Knight came into my life for the second time, and decided to stay.

Eleven Years Ago



I throw my duffel bag into the back seat of my baby. It’s a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, my first car since I got my driver’s license a year ago. Sighing, I hop into the driver seat. Sweat still drips down the side of my face from the exertion of today’s drills, even though powdery snow falls around me. It’s late November in New York, so the snowflakes melt on impact with the ground. Still, it’s cold enough. Three long hours of football practice takes it all out of me. And I’ve got about that much homework piled up at home. It all has to get done, basically because half the shit I hand into my teachers ends up being late. Academics isn’t my thing. If I had my way, I’d use my athletic talent to coast through easy high school courses at Boulevard Academy, the midtown Manhattan private school I attend.

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