Billionaires Bundle

By: Flora Ferrari

I can’t wait to give her the world, but first I’ll give her the standing ovation she deserves.

She’s front and center, taking her bow with the rest of the dancers just feet in front of and above me. I swear I can smell her perfume, the same one she wore a decade ago. I could pick it out anywhere.

I reach for the single rose I brought with me, and carefully take aim tossing it towards her.

The stage is being flooded with roses, but my finds its mark landing right at her feet.

She reaches down, picking it up and smelling it.

God, how I want to do the same to her. To inhale the nape of her neck as I put my hands on her waist and pull her in tight to me.

She looks up, and waves to the crowd. She’s still holding my rose, and she’s still glowing from her performance. She’s got that high that can only come from something like performing in a venue like this. An opening night smash success.

My eyes are locked on hers. I’m not sure if I want her to see me here now, or to surprise her backstage.

The choice taken from me when her gaze drifts down to meet mine, her eyes widening and opening even more.

She freezes, her body locking up, just like mine. My golf clap stops, my right hand in my left. I’m known for my ability to stay calm in any situation, but not now. I can feel my arms twitching, and for the first time in my life I’m tapping my foot nervously.

This girl’s got me, and she’s got me good. And now I’ve absolutely got to get her.



The curtain comes crashing down in front of me before I can motion to him. We’re separated by things beyond our control yet again.

I know he saw me. Did he recognize me all covered in makeup? Was he here by chance to take in the performance, or did he come looking for me?

It can’t be for me. Not after all these years. I have a different name for Pete’s sake. He wouldn’t have been able to track me down.

My parents had paid in cash at the ballet school and registered me under a variety of stage names since I was a child. They were adamant about my privacy, especially if, “I got famous one day.”

I never thought it was a possibility, until him. It always seemed so silly to even imagine it until he came along and made what was so unlikely sound realistic. Suddenly my dreams seemed obtainable. Sure, I’d have to work at them, but I knew the tremendous amount of work wouldn’t be all for naught…especially if I caught a little well timed luck.

And luck was on my side tonight.

My performance was flawless, as were all the other dancers. And most importantly I was lucky enough to see him again, even if just for a brief second.

“Show’s over, sweetheart,” a voice says. I feel a hand on my arm, and turn to see my manager. “You really wowed them.”

“Thanks,” I say, realizing I’m still facing forward like the curtain will go up again and I’ll pick up right where I left off.

“Now are you ready to wow the press?”

“I’m ready,” I say.

“Good, because you have the media from over fifty countries waiting in the back, plus the VIP Backstage pass holders.”

“Who’s on the list for the VIP Backstage?” I ask.

“A few celebrities you’ll be sure to recognize,” Daniel says, with a wink.

“But I’m not really interested in celebrities right now.”

“Then who are you hoping to see?”

“Um…no one in particular, I guess,” I say, knowing it’s not true. If he made it this far I know there’s nothing holding him back from those last few steps that separate him from his side of the curtain and mine.

Daniel guides me backstage where I am greeted by a swarm of flashes, questions, translators, and more questions. There are so many camera flashes and those heat emitting, always on lights that the TV crews use make it so that I can barely see straight, not to mention my makeup feels like it’s melting on my face.

I’m waiting to see him at any second, but no. He doesn’t show.

After a solid thirty minutes with the press I’m guided to the VIP area, where I’m congratulated by a bevy of Academy Award winners, athletes, and other rich and famous people…but not him.

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