Billionaires Bundle

By: Flora Ferrari

“How does it feel?”

“Complete, yet incomplete at the same time.”

“How so?” he says, his brow tightening as his eyes narrow.

Dancing is intense, but his look is equally so.

I want to tell him everything. How I feel. How much I want to thank him for everything he did. And how I want so much more with him.

I’m confused. I’ve just completed my opening night, and now the real work begins. Every night for the rest of the summer I must perform. It’s three straight months of pure mayhem. A battle between fatigue, injuries, and the other girls competing to take my spot.

Yet all I can think about right now is him, but I can’t tell him. Not right now.

His hand comes forward, and I stare at it before placing my hand in his.

He must feel the calluses on my fingers from all the hours of training. I always thought my hands were masculine, but in his those thoughts immediately fade away.

For a man of means his fingers feel thick, long, and strong as if he’s a working class man. His grip is tender, yet protective.

He lifts our hands up, and I stand moving in unison.

He brings our hands to his face, pausing just before the back of my hand reaches his lips.

He kisses my hand softly, while maintaining that deep, intense focus his eyes have on mine.

The feel of his lips against my skin has me wanting to melt into him right here and now. I just want to fall into him, and feel his arms wrap around me.

He lowers our hands and leans in toward me, taking my face in his other hand.

Her rubs my cheek with his thumb, shifting his gaze to my skin, before returning it to mine.

I can see the fire in his eyes, the want in his lips, as I feel the firmness in his trousers as his erection makes contact with me through our thin layers of fabric.

His hand slides around my head, his fingers in my hair as our other hands tighten their grasp on one another.

I feel the heat of his skin as his face is just inches from mine.

My eyes close and I feel those masculine lips gently press against mine.

I waited ten years for this moment, and I would have waited a lifetime for one kiss with him if I knew it would make me feel like this.



Beep. Beep. Beep.

I roll over and press the button on the alarm.

11:00 already?

Yesterday exhausted me. The anticipation, performance, and then seeing him was too much of a roller coaster of emotions.

And then we kissed.

It felt so perfect, and so imperfect at the same time.

We finally found each other again, after all these years. It felt real. It was real. It wasn’t just some crush from long ago that I misinterpreted.

And it wasn’t just some crush for him either. The way he pulled me in close. The way his lips parted as he moaned slightly in between kisses. I know he wants me just as bad as I want him.

But the timing couldn’t be worse.

Included in each dancer’s contract is a line that says we can’t change our relationship status during the entire run of the performance. If we’re single when it starts, we need to be single throughout. If we’re married when it starts, well then at least those dancers can stay married…not that they’ll be seeing much of their significant other during the course of the show’s run.

It’s grueling, demanding work. It grinds on. And those that can’t take the grind are replaced, just like those who think they can start a relationship without management finding out. The last thing they need is a heartbroken dancer trying to put their all into a performance, only to come out on stage looking flat. People come from all around the world and pay big money to see us perform. We have to be “on” every night.

And to make matters worse, he’s based in Singapore now. I’m in New York. How is that going to work?

In three months, maybe we could work something out, but what do we do until then? And there’s no telling what could happen between now and the end of those three months.

There are only a few cities in the world where I can live and work, and how can I expect him to drop his billion-dollar business and just come live with me? Not hardly, nor would I want him to.

But I do want him, and I want us to figure out a way to try. I know it can work. I’ve never felt this way about someone before, and I’m sure I never will again.

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