Billionaires Bundle

By: Flora Ferrari

It’s the NYC Ballet Master Chief, Mister Hendrix. I can see he recognizes me, but he’s doing his best not to stare. I see some familiar faces from the ballet and know I’ve been caught.

“Is everything okay?” Brian asks.

“Yes, the food is great.”

“The table at your five o’clock. They seem to be worrying you.”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No, no. I’m fine.”

“I can speak with them if they’re bothering you.”

“No, it’s not them. It’s me.”

Brian says nothing. I can see he wants me to be comfortable, but doesn’t want to go down a path I have no interest in discussing right now. I appreciate that he doesn’t push.

I convince myself there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve done no wrong. We continue our meal, enjoying the company as much as the food. We pass on the dessert cart and opt for coffee instead. Everything in this place is amazing. I could sit here all day, and all night, with him.

Eventually it’s time to go and somehow we leave without paying. I’m not sure if Brian has an account here, or if that sort of thing is even practiced here. I’m not about to be tacky and ask, I just appreciate that he took care of everything so discreetly and without asking for a thank you, which of course I give him anyways.

We walk towards the door, when suddenly Mister Hendrix makes eye contact with me.

“Brian,” he says, looking past me. “How have you been?”

“Peter. Pleasure to see you here.”

“I thought you were still in Singapore.”

“I’m in town on a visit.”

“Business or social?”

“A little of each.”

“Well I see you’ve met our newest star.”

“I have indeed.”

“Beautiful performance last night, Miss Brown.”

“Thank you,” I say.

“Looking forward to tonight.”

“As am I,” I say, trying not to show just how nervous I am. My palms are sweating and I have no place to put my hands. I feel awkward and exposed.

“Brian, would you like to come see the performance tonight? I can provide you my box.”

“That would be great,” Brian says.

Oh no. Not only do they know each other, they’re getting friendly.

“It will be ready for you an hour before the curtain goes up.”

“Thank you. Will I see you there?”

“I’ll drop by and see how everything’s going.”

“Great, and I’ll be by myself, so if you’d like we can share the box with any other clients you might have.”

“Agreed. I’ll make some calls and we’ll get a good crew up in there tonight.”

“See you then.”

They shake hands, and Mister Hendrix nods his head at me. He’s playing the role of the perfect gentleman, but there’s a look in his eye that tells me he’s watching my every move.

If I trip up and ruin the performance he’s put together I’ll never work in this town again. He’s that powerful, but Brian’s a powerful man as well. What I hate is feeling powerless while the two of them will be watching me from the best box in the house. And worse is what information Mister Hendrix will try and get from Brian.



I can barely focus as the curtain is about to go up.

Brian’s up in the VIP box with Peter, and I have no idea what’s happening.

Backstage everyone was talking about the reviews from last night’s opening. We were a hit, and now expectations were high. Tonight, everyone would be watching, seeing if we could repeat the performance from last night or if there would be a drop off. And it all starts with me.

The curtain goes up and I take off, gliding across the stage before leaping and dashing back across the stage leaping again.

Two male dancers are supposed to catch me, but I miss my mark, taking off late.

I see I’m too far above them and at the last second they jump up and bring me back down to earth, spinning me safely back onto my feet.

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