Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

“Let’s switch these out.” Gently, Ethan removed the nipple clamps, blowing cool breath against one. The heavy clamps went back into a drawer. Instead, he went to their bag he brought whenever they went away. Inside, along with a few other goodies, were crystal-stringed clamps that didn’t pinch as hard but still made Jasmine feel that writhe of pain and pleasure.

He kissed them for luck before clamping them on Jasmine’s hard nipples.

“There. Beyond beauty.” He stepped back, admiring the way the crystals twinkled in the light as they dangled between her breasts. “Have I told you yet tonight that you’re beautiful?”

They both smiled again.

Jasmine’s was cut short when she heard a whining noise come from across the hall. It was not the first time she heard it that night. In fact, she heard it off and on ever since they came to bed an hour ago. What the fuck is that? At first, Jasmine was able to ignore it. Then it intensified, before subsiding, and now it was back again. Or maybe Ian and Kathryn had overpowered it. I wouldn’t mind listening to some of that instead.

“Do you hear that?” Jasmine asked, as her boyfriend wrapped his tongue around her ear. She wanted to give in to his kiss, his touch, but it was nearly impossible with that other distraction going on. “That’s not the first time I’ve heard it.”

“Ignore it, Jasmine.” That wasn’t an order.

“Ethan…” His tongue was deep in her ear, his hand squeezing the underside of her breast. The closer he got, the more Jasmine swore she felt his hardness rubbing against her stomach. “I think someone else is having sex.”

“No shit. They can go forever, you know.”

“Who can?”

Ethan stood back, a look of disbelief on his otherwise composed face. “You really don’t know who that is? You must be really smitten with me this weekend. Or weren’t paying attention in that car ride.”


He shook his head. “Never mind. Don’t pay it any mind. Unless it turns you on.”

Well, if it was sex…. “If I could, I would listen to all these people have sex all night.”

“Remind me of this the next time I suggest we watch porn in the evening.”

“That’s different.”

“How so?”

Jasmine blushed. “You can’t smell porn.”

“Oh, my sweet, sweet flower.” That devilish grin on Ethan’s face almost killed her… especially when he put his hands on either side of her, bringing her forward to his waist. “You really are a naughty girl. I’ve gotta take you back to that club.”

“Yes. You do. Ethan, you have turned me into a big pervert. I wanna watch other people fuck and bang until they pass out. The more cum and moans, the better!”

“You know, we could make that happen on our own time. Like right now.”

“Don’t remind me, sir. Unless you’re about to make it happen.”

“Oh, I could. Or I could torture you some more until you’re so far gone that I have no choice but to fuck you.”


“You know, earlier… I was pretty jealous of those other men, wasn’t I?”

“You don’t have to tell me, sir.” Boy, didn’t Jasmine feel that earlier. Ethan was going to fuck her until the other men knew his sexual prowess. If only she got the full brunt of it. “And now they’ve tried proving it to you. Do you think it’s a coincidence those other men have been so loud with their subs tonight? Our neighbors alone almost broke that bed.”

“I don’t doubt it. You sure are hung up on those two over there, though.” Ethan pressed his thumbs against the inside of Jasmine’s thighs, on the verge of pinching them like her nipples were pinched. “Could it be you’re thinking of another man, my flower?”

“What? No…” Jasmine shook her head as hard as she dared. “I would never, sir. You’re the only man for me.”

“Nevertheless, I’m sure hearing a woman get it like that has you wondering what it feels like… from that man.” Ethan’s thumb brushed against her wet slit, sending a wave of shivers throughout her body. Jasmine moaned, willing him to sink his fingers into her and attempt to give her sexual relief that way. “Every man does it differently, as I’m sure you know. I wonder how Ian Mathers would make short work of you.”

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