Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

Jasmine didn’t. Okay… maybe she did. A little. Come on, I’m human! She would never flirt with him, let alone respond to any advances he might throw her way, but Jasmine had glanced at him more than once that night. Aside from Ethan, Jasmine didn’t care much for men who dressed up all the time and looked like they were about to head to the corner country club. You know, like Henry. She had seen Ian around office buildings before, sporting his three-piece business suits, but tonight he wore that sweater and a pair of jeans that were more function than style. He was here to be comfortable. That was how he dressed on his days off. Sometimes Ethan would strut around his house in jeans and a hoodie, but… that was rare. I love a man in jeans. She also caught a glimpse of the muscles Ian hid beneath his sweater when Kathryn played with the hem of it, her fingers scratching that man’s abs.

Shit, shit, stop thinking about him…

If they were both single, Jasmine would have probably responded to Ian’s hypothetical advances. She was happy with Ethan, but… she couldn’t deny how handsome Mr. Mathers was… and how well he could please his ice queen of a girlfriend. Plus, he’s good enough to dominate a Domme. Jasmine’s eyes glazed over. She wondered the inevitable – how big Ian’s cock was. She doubted Ethan knew the answer to that. Doubt it’s bigger than his, anyway. Or was it? Kathryn Alison didn’t seem the type of woman to be satisfied with mediocre dick.

“My flower,” Ethan’s voice suddenly cut in. “You’re drooling. If I knew you wanted him that badly, I would’ve suggested we wife-swap tonight.” His voice was humorous enough to tell Jasmine that he didn’t really mean it. “Uh, Jasmine…”

She snapped out of her fantasy. “I’m sorry, sir! I promise I wasn’t…”

“Shh.” He put his finger on her lips. “Don’t be ashamed. It’s perfectly natural to let your mind wander to other people. I am sure you’ve thought of many other men while we’ve been together. I’m secure enough to know that doesn’t mean you’d actually sleep with them. But…” His fingers cupped around her slit, stroking her clit ever so lightly. Sighing, Jasmine closed her eyes. “It does make me a tiny bit jealous. How could it not? You’re mine, my flower. No other man could ever have you. I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure you’re perfectly satisfied both in and out of bed. Even if that means letting you imagine other men sticking their cocks in you and making a mess in your pussy.”

He had such a way with words. Yet Jasmine smiled, reassuring him as she had been reassured. “Only you could make me beg for that, sir.”

“That’s what you say, until you’ve got some other Dom trying to make you his. We’re all animals, my sweet.” One finger pushed into her. Jasmine trembled, her binds shaking above her head. “We men will use you women as props to outdo each other whenever our cocks get hard. That’s what this whole night as been about, for fuck’s sake.”

Jasmine could barely contain herself. Between her boyfriend’s finger fucking her and the idea of other men sniffing around her, wanting to drag her away and fuck her – maybe even in front of Ethan – Jasmine was ready to fully explore different realms of ecstasy. I’m gonna scream the loudest tonight. “All right, sir, you’ve caught me. I’ve been fantasizing about him all night.” What a lie. Yet now she could convince herself otherwise – for Ethan’s sake.

“Go on.” Ethan sank his finger in deeper, taking her past the second knuckle and to the third. Jasmine gently grinded against him, imagining it was not only his finger, but another man’s. This is either gonna be awesome or be my utter demise tonight. Who knew what Ethan really had planned. “Tell me more about what this man is doing to you in your head.”

Where to begin? Jasmine didn’t know much about Ian – or even Henry, for that matter – beyond what she saw around their various social circles. She knew that he was a Dom who had a reputation for hard and fast sex. Until he started dating Kathryn, of course. Amazing how women could soften a man, even a Dom.

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