Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

“You feel what?”

She gasped, the fullness he offered her unrivaled by what anyone else could offer instead. “Your cock, sir.”

“And you know that you belong to me?”

“Yes! I belong to you, sir!”

“You’re mine to do whatever the hell I want to, right?”

“Yes!” She nearly sobbed, her body shuddering in delight even though she tingled in anguish and anxiety. “Don’t stop!”

“Oh? You don’t want me to stop?” Ethan’s hands moved up her stomach, snatching the bottom of her breasts and squeezing them until the clamps almost popped off her nipples. “Why’s that? Tell me why you need me right now?”

Fuck, where to begin?

Jasmine spat out the first thing to come to her head. “Because I need you to fuck me. With your cock.”

Ethan snorted. The man was close to climaxing, and yet here he was, taking his time to fuck not just her body, but with her head too. “Is it the only one you want?”

“Yes! It’s…”

Apparently Ethan didn’t need more words. Either that or he was so overcome with lust that he couldn’t help but drive back into her, fucking her with such strength that she perpetually cried out and slammed her eyes shut to the blinding lights around her.

Ethan didn’t need her to say any more words, but that did not mean he stayed silent.

He called her names. Filthy, nasty names that would piss Jasmine off to hear in any other situation. Yet when Ethan got her so hot and bothered that this was the only cure to her sexual ailments, the last thing Jasmine wanted to be called was something nice. She wanted a long, hard fuck that left her unable to walk the next day. She wanted to be ridden so wet that almost anyone could come up and fuck her, no matter the size of their cock. She wanted to be told that all of this made her nothing more than filthy words that no man called a respectable woman. Because Jasmine wasn’t respectable. She had sex for money for a whole six months. With this man. A man whose first conversation with her was to offer her said money in exchange for said sex.

In these moments, Jasmine would always feel like his…

“Oh, shit!” That mere thought made her explode, the core of her body so warm and stimulated that the good feelings spread through her, quickly, claiming every inch of her until she was shuddering out of control beneath Ethan’s body. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm, growling, grunting, and urging her to come harder while she screamed in ecstasy. The clamps took her to new heights. The filthy words falling from Ethan’s lips reminded her of her place as his fucktoy. As soon as she came down from her high, she could go back to being his loving girlfriend. For now, her body only existed to please him.

Jasmine had never felt as small as when he finally came in her.

She also had never felt as loved as when Ethan lowered his forehead and touched it to hers, riding out his climax with his eyes gazing deep into hers.

He said something. Probably a variation of “I love you,” but Jasmine was on another planet, her mind completely focused on the feeling of him filling her with his seed.

She crashed from her high as quickly as she soared to it. One moment she was riding in nirvana, and the next she was back on Earth, exhausted, spent, and oh so used.

Ethan collapsed onto her, gasping for breath as he stayed inside her. No wonder. Jasmine was so clamped up that there was no way she was letting go of his cock anytime soon. She asked to have her hands untied, and the moment Ethan lazily freed her she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and sighed.

“That was a lot of screaming,” he mumbled into the comforter. “Is your throat all right?”

No. It wasn’t. Jasmine would be lucky to speak the next day – let alone walk.

Ethan eventually pulled out of her, keeping her opening stretched wide with his fingers. He watched her involuntarily lose the seed he had given her, stream after stream of thick cum easing down her ass and landing on another man’s bed. At first, Jasmine was embarrassed. One thing for him to do this on their bed back home. Quite another for it to happen here.

She smiled, flexing her inner muscles until nearly all of it came out. Ethan smiled, bringing his fingers to his lips and licking himself from his skin. God, that is always so fucking hot. If she weren’t so spent between the legs, she would beg him to fuck her again. There was something about a man confidently tasting his own essence that got her hot again.

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