Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

“I can’t believe it. My boyfriend, the lesbian matchmaker.” Jasmine jumped off the bed and went to the vanity to comb out her hair. After it fell from her twist, she continued, “Surprised you didn’t try to get front row seats.”

Ethan shrugged. “I was a bit preoccupied. With you.”

“Matchmaking me with your dick.”


Snarls and tangles pulled at Jasmine’s scalp as she ferociously combed. “Is there anyone in this house who wasn’t fucking like an animal tonight?”

“Out of everyone who came here tonight?” Ethan grinned. “No. Thank God.”

Chapter 10


A woman who was not used to having one of her homes invaded was also a woman who had no choice but to sit in the front hall while her boyfriend tried to smooth things over with three sets of irate guests.

What an idiot. She didn’t doubt that James planned this whole thing. He liked shaking things up with his groups of friends, just to see what would happen.

Apparently, he was not disappointed with this weekend’s results.

“James, you son of a…” Ian put a firm, warning hand on James’s shoulder. Every guest milled around the front hall, waiting for cars to pick them up. Or, in Ian’s case, waiting to give James a piece of his mind before getting in his own car and driving off with his girlfriend. “You told us we would have the house to ourselves this weekend. Do you know how hard it is to have a romantic getaway when there are other guests up your ass?”

“What? Really?” The way James waggled his eyebrows made Gwen lower hers. I love him, but he can be a pain in the ass when he’s like this. Every Christmas he found someone new to play a holiday prank on. Gwen was glad her turn for such things was over. “Don’t suppose y’all were literally up each other’s asses, because that could be…”

“You idiot!”

“I’m serious…” Gwen turned her head, not surprised to find Kathryn Alison and Eva Warren standing near her, talking quietly – but not quietly enough. Kathryn continued, “I haven’t been able to walk since Friday night. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday, and my everything is still sore…”

“I don’t wanna hear about your fucked pussy,” Eva muttered back. “Think about me. I finally got that hottie in bed, and now she won’t talk to me. Says we had some fun but now she’s going home. Fuck my life. Thought I could at least take her on a proper date…”

“Oh, excuse me regarding your Sapphic plight, but you’re not God’s gift to every woman.” Kathryn winced as she turned and shuffled toward the coat rack, grabbing a scarf she almost forgot. “And here I thought I had missed my boyfriend that much.”

“James,” Ian hissed, poking his good friend in the chest. “After this weekend I feel like I need a pack of frozen peas on my balls. I don’t know whether to thank you or kill you.”

Gwen sighed, turning her attention to Jasmine and Nadia standing on the other side of the entrance hall.

“Once again, I’m sorry about walking in on you like that…” Jasmine’s face was almost as red as her winter coat. She looks like a young and pretty Mrs. Claus. That made Gwen smile. “I had no idea!”

“Don’t know how.” Nadia looked away, her own blush taking over her fair complexion. “She went down on me for forty-five minutes, Jasmine! I felt like I was dying!”

“To be fair, you sounded like it too.”

That was Monica, walking by with her Dom hot on her heels. Henry snatched their coats off the wall and helped his fiancée put hers on. Monica fluffed out her hair and slithered into her heavy vintage fur coat. Nadia looked at the both of them, horrified.

“You heard me?”

“Everyone heard you, Miss.” Henry tried to smile kindly as he plucked his hat off the wall and put it on his head. “You weren’t as loud as Miss Bliss was all night… nor were you as passionate as Ms. Alison… but, uh…”

“That’s enough, Henry.” Monica spared both Jasmine and Nadia a friendly smirk. “Let’s not shift the blame for all the noise on one person. We were all a bit… excited.”

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