Blackmailed by the Beast

By: Sam Crescent

Unlikely Love, 1

Chapter One

Lily Jones glanced down over the gardens, enjoying the view she'd seen for the past twenty-one years of her life. The only piece of furniture destroying the usual perfect scenery was the man who stood off to the side of the pond, currently talking into a mobile phone. God, how she hated him with his money, power, and general attitude of “I own everything and everyone.” How could anyone wish to be near him?

Her short conversations with him revolved around the power of money. According to him, every person had his price. Some were harder to find the price than others.

Yeah, he was a good-looking man and filthy rich, but what else was there to Wayne Brown? His jet-black hair had some length to it but didn’t obstruct his sight like some men’s seemed to. His green eyes were completely out of place against the darkness of his hair. Wayne was tall—he crowded around her when they were next to each other—and always clean-shaven. The main problem, Wayne knew his effect on the opposite sex, and it made him cocky.

Lily jumped back from the curtain as he glanced up to her window, a smirk on his face. He seemed to look right into her eyes even though she was behind the curtain. The distance was no barrier between them. She saw the mock smile appear on his features, and she cursed herself for the time spent dwelling on why he was there in the first place. Shaking her head against the confusing thoughts, Lily made her way out of the room and down into the comfort of the kitchen.

Tessa, the family cook, had been laid off a few months ago, and Lily was grateful she’d started to take cookery classes, otherwise they’d have all been screwed. Her father didn’t even know what a kitchen looked like. Her mother refused to break a nail, and her older sister sneered at the slave work. Slave work that kept her well-fed. Unfortunately, feeding them had turned to her. It was not difficult provided they liked the simple dishes she could cook, but they all expected some French masterpiece.

What had happened to their family to fall on such bad times? Lily’s birth had been a mistake to the family, as her parents and sister liked to tell her. The money troubles started long before then.

The thoughts depressed her. Lily got up from her knees, smoothed out the creases in her dress, and went down to the kitchen. Dinner would be expected in over an hour, and she’d rather be in the kitchen, with her troubled thoughts, than looking out the window at the man who gave her troubled sleep.

As always, the kitchen was empty, and she got around to prepare the equipment she’d need for dinner. She took the potatoes to the sink full of water. Lily turned to the sink, peeling the dirty potatoes. She jumped out of her skin as Wayne stood on the other side staring in through the window. He smiled and waved at her, and Lily frowned. The blush already spread up to her cheeks from her neck. It was humiliating being affected this way by a man twelve years older than she.

She finished the potatoes and tried not to look out at him. She knew he was still there, could sense him like a second skin. Lily put the peeled and washed potatoes into a sieve and took them to the tabletop in the centre of the room, purposefully showing him her back. She tried to think of good things, walks on the beach, snow at Christmas, twinkling fairy lights. Lily would do anything to take her mind away from the man outside.

“What’s for dinner?” His deep masculine voice spoke right next to her ear, making her shriek and the potato, she’d been about to cut, shot across the room.

“You do know it’s polite to knock,” she said as she retrieved the spud and gave it a good wash.

“You saw me, Lily. I figured you’d heard me.” Wayne stood in her space, refusing to move. She placed the spud in with the others and placed them on the hob to boil. “Why are you in kitchen doing the cooking?”

“Do you want to be fed?” she snapped.

“Where is Tessa, the cook I was promised?” Today she couldn’t deal with him. His cologne was strong and far from being unpleasant. Her pussy was already reacting, her cream dripping into her panties. This is mortifying. No other man can make my body react the way he can..

“Tessa was laid off, and my father said he couldn’t afford her anymore.” It’s not your sham, she chanted to herself, and maybe one day she could look back and believe it.

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