Blackmailed by the Beast

By: Sam Crescent

Two years on and he had everything he desired at his fingertips: money, power, and the upper hand. He knew Lily's thoughts about him were less than appealing from the way she tried to avoid him, and the expressions on her face gave her away. In fact, she spent most of the time trying to steer clear of him, after today, no more.

Wayne Brown wanted her, and he intended to have her.

Leaving his hiding place, he went in search of Lily’s father and mother. George and Jessica Jones should be more than happy with what he had in mind. After all, it was the expected outcome from families within their higher circles. Once the hard times hit, it took George and Jessica Jones years to accept their doomed fate and they continued to spend money they did not have. Families who participated in marriages of convenience, and all that nonsense, expanded their social status.

Their marriage would start out as convenience, but he wanted to ignite and consume the passion he saw sparkle within her. Her own fire needed to be stroked by him and him alone.

Chapter Two

Shepherd’s pie, a simple yet truly English dish. Lily held her breath as everyone dived in. Her father glared daggers at her, along with Stephanie and her mother. She didn’t have the first clue at what she’d done wrong, but from the nasty looks, it would leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth.

“Pass me the wine, Lily,” Stephanie demanded. Swallowing against the lump in her throat, she passed the bottle of wine and cringed at the cheap brand. She noticed as Wayne sent a stern look at her family. What had she missed?

“Who taught you to cook?” Wayne interrupted the tense silence. He directed the question at her.

For the past few days, he’d been staying with them. He was the only one who tried to include her in the conversation.

“Why, is it bad?”

“No, it’s really good.”

“Oh,” she whispered. The dinner continued in tense silence until Lily moved to collect the dishes.

“Put those down, Lily. Stephanie can handle those. Would you join me in the study with Wayne and your mother.” A command not a question from her father.

“Excuse me, but what am I supposed to do?” Her sister fumed.

“Put them in the sink, add hot water, and rinse them. Easy and simple, so you should enjoy it,” Wayne said. He followed behind Lily.

A giggle erupted from Lily before she could stop, and she clamped a hand over her mouth. “Does she even know where the sink is?” he asked, and the giggle came forth once again.

This shouldn’t be right. She shouldn’t find him funny. She hated him, didn’t she? Confused by her own thoughts, she followed all three, silent. They entered her father’s study. The one place in the house she despised more than others was her fathers study. The room stank of superiority, and it made her stomach turn with sickness. She eased down to sit on the edge of the seat and looked at her father. When she was called to this room, it was usually to receive a punishment for some crime or other she’d committed. Would he punish her for simply breathing? Lily was shocked to see Wayne stand behind her father, staring out of the window. Even her mother stayed clear of the power of the desk. Wayne’s lack of fear caused her to relax a little. Only a little. This was her family, and she knew what they were capable of.

“Lily, I don’t know if you’re aware, but our family has fallen on hard times,” her father said. Did the man think she was thick? She may not have attended university like her sister and the rest of them, but she still excelled in school. Cheeky bastard.

The desire to go “well, duh” was strong but she held her tongue. Lily had no desire for Wayne to see the way her father treated her for running her mouth.

“Well, these hard times have come to a head, and Mr. Brown here has offered to help.”

“Oh, for fuck sake, she’s twenty-one-years-old. She knows what’s going on for crying out loud.” Wayne turned to the room, glared at her father, scolding the man who still scared her, and then settled his gaze on her. “There’s no money. Your father squandered the entire fortune passed down through generations of your family. The house is up for auction. The valuables inside will be pawned, anything to make a profit on this place. To put it frankly, Lily, the amount of debt is higher than anything you own.”

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