Blackmailed by the Beast

By: Sam Crescent

Licking her lips, she glanced down at her hands clasped together. The news was worse than anything she could have imagined.

“What will happen?” The sea of uncertainty was unbearable for her to think about.

“You’ll be kicked out onto the street. Do you have any work experience?” he asked. Lily shook her head. The only thing she could do was cook. The other thing was for her private pleasure, and no one would take it away from her.

“I figured as such. Anyway, I’ll let you continue telling her the outcome, George.” Wayne didn’t go back to studying the gardens but sat in a chair off to her left. She could see him if she turned her head slightly.

“Wayne has offered us a solution. He’ll pay off all of our debts and keep us in a life of reasonable comfort, providing we live within our boundaries.”

“Well that’s nice,” she said. Nothing so wonderful came without a price.

“But there is a condition. A condition which concerns you, Lily.” Okay, not the direction she was expecting.

“What can I do?”

“Marriage, Lily.”


“Wayne will pay all of our debts and write everything off. Our name will remain firm but with the exception of your hand in marriage.”

Had she stepped into an alternative universe?

“No, I can’t do it.”

Lily got up from her chair and moved away from the group. Her hands were shaking. “Can’t you just agree to pay the debt, and we’ll pay you back?” she asked him.

“How will you do that? With buttons?”

“What you’re suggesting is barbaric and old-fashioned.” Caged in the tiny study was too much. She ran shaky fingers through her hair.

“There is only one solution here. Marry me and I’ll make your life worth living. Don’t and I leave today and won’t come back,” Wayne warned.

“Leave then.”

“George, Wayne, leave me alone with my daughter.” Jessica stood. The two men looked at the older woman but decided better than to argue. They left the study and once again, Lily was alone with a woman who despised her.

The full accusation of her stare levelled on her. “So you’re going to be a selfish bitch once again.”

Lily knew this was coming, the hatred for her clearly written on her mother’s face. “‘A selfish bitch?’ When have I ever been a selfish bitch?”

“Personally, I think he should have chosen Stephanie. Look at you—fat and ugly—nothing at all like your sister. I can’t believe we’re being blackmailed for a lesser woman.” Each word cut into Lily, but it wasn’t anything new. After all, her mother spent a great deal of times over the years telling Lily how much of a disappointment she’d become.

“She can have him. I want nothing to do with him,” Lily said each word even though her body told her she lied. Every time he was around, it was as if she felt him deep inside, and she didn’t want to let go. Even if she did hate him at certain points.

Her mother moved next to her. She took Lily’s chin in a vicious hold. Some time had passed since the last time she’d been up close to her mother, but she could see the aging take effect, the signs even Botox couldn’t hide. “Now listen to me, you little bitch. You’ll marry Wayne Brown, and you’ll do it with a smile on your face. You’ll fuck and play happy family with him. Don’t and we’ll all be out on our arses. Am I making myself clear?” Tears formed in Lily’s eyes, the pressure from her mother’s grip started to take hold and hurt. “I didn’t hear clearly, Lily Jones. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, perfectly,” she whispered. Her mother let her go with a shove. Lily fell back and caught herself in time before she hit her face on the floor.

“Hopefully, Wayne will see the disappointment in you and shift his attention to Stephanie. Until then you’ll be the picture of acceptance.” Her mother sneered and left the room.

Lily touched her face. She felt to see if her mother had broken anything. Once she was sure, Lily slowly got to her feet.

“What are you doing on the floor?” Lily cringed when she heard his voice. Before he turned up, everything was going fine, and now, she was left with nothing but blackmail.

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