Blackmailed by the Beast

By: Sam Crescent

She jumped when Wayne’s hands came down on her shoulders, spinning her around. He pressed against her, trapping her between the wood and the hard length of his body.

“Life is full of hard decisions and now is the time for you to make some, Lily. Will you marry me and save your family along with this mausoleum, or will you reject me and leave your family and yourself to rot?” Lily, about to answer his question, got cut off by the position of his lips on hers in a heart stopping first kiss. Lily gasped. Before she could stop herself, Lily wrapped her arms around his neck and gave herself over to his ownership. The way her life had been for the last few years, she’d never dated many boys. Interaction of a physical nature always consisted of a peck on the cheek or a brief press of lips. Wayne wasn’t a boy but a man. Pure, dominant, and masculine. Lily moaned as his tongue pressed against her lips, seeking entrance. Without question, she opened and when her own tongue met with his, she moaned. His taste erupted on her tongue, coffee and mint exploded inside her mouth. Wayne pressed her up against the shelves. His hands intertwined with hers and locked them above her head.

Lily cried out when he moved away, and his lips travelled down to her neck. He bit into the delicate, sensitive flesh between her ear and collarbone. Heat pooled at her centre, her panties soaked with cream. She screamed as his hand landed at the apex of her thighs through her simple dress.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he said, and the noise only served to drive her arousal higher.

Taking her lips again, he kissed her, and his hand explored between her legs. Lily knew she should stop his exploration but the part of her that had laid dormant for so many years was awakening. It called out to her to let him do whatever the hell he wanted.

He pulled her summer dress out of the way. She opened her legs, inviting him in, and he pushed aside her flimsy panties. Now Lily truly knew what it was like to have a man between her thighs. His touch burned every part, and she could do nothing but stare into his eyes. One hand still trapped her own above her head, stopping her from moving away from him. She should find her voice and scream at him to back down and leave her alone, but Lily knew she wanted his touch more than she wanted to take her next breath.

“You’re burning my hand, so hot and wet.” He moaned and took her lips. He seemed addicted to her kisses already. “Tell me what you want?”

“I can’t.” Lily sobbed. Wayne's fingers teased her swollen nub, and her legs were shaking from keeping them open, unaccustomed to anything he put her through. No man had ever been between her legs, and Wayne was breaking all of her own rules.

“You can tell me to play with your pretty pussy. Tell me to let you come. Tell me you’ll marry me.”

Lily shook her head. She couldn’t do it. Marry a man she didn’t even like very much, let alone love. As a young girl, she’d promised herself to never ever allow money and position to get in the way of love. Jessica and George married for money and to further their own situations, and look where it had gotten them. Bitter, twisted, and totally broke.

“Please don’t make me do this?” she begged. Lily bit down on her lip to stop her calling out. No one would come, and she knew her family had as good as abandoned her, only satisfied in their own position.

“You’ll be mine, eventually, Lily. Give in and offer yourself to me.” To state his point, he fingered her pussy, going from her clit down to the entrance of her cunt.

Pulling one hand free from his hold, she stopped him with a hand at his wrist. “Please don’t.” If he penetrated her walls, he’d take something from her she wasn’t ready to give him—yet.

“Why are you holding back?”

“Because I don’t love you.” Lily respected him more when he didn’t push her hand aside and proceed with his invasion. He moved up, fingering her clit.

“Love is for fairy tales and saints. I don’t need your love, just your wedding finger for now.”

Wayne sounded so cruel. All of her life she craved the love and affection of her family to no avail. This man—rich, attractive, and sexually willing gave her an offer she really couldn’t refuse, but also, one she wanted to turn down with all of her heart. If she gave in and allowed him to marry her, she knew her feelings wouldn’t even settle into the equation in the future. Sex, money, and more sex would be in the cards.

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