Blackmailed by the Beast

By: Sam Crescent

The heartbeat in his chest increased in speed, the door got closer with every step he took, and he had no way of seeing what she was doing behind him.

A hand on the doorknob.

This was it. Her last chance to save herself and her family.

Wayne turned the knob slowly, giving her every second chance possible.

A twist, a sob, another twist. So close to being out of the room.

“Please, stop. I’ll marry you, please don’t leave.” Her plea snared him, and he went back to where she stood.

One of her hands was trapped in a tangle of her hair, while the other clutched at her stomach, tears streaming down her face.

If he could still find it in him to cry, he would at this very moment. The euphoria inside him was unlike anything he was used to.

“An excellent answer,” he said. He picked her up in his arms and moved out of the room.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked. Wayne didn’t care. He came to the Jones’s house with the intent of having this woman. Mission accomplished, he intended to get on with the next stage of his plan. He’d acquired her through blackmail and he would have to use everything at his disposal to show her the man within. He wouldn’t quit until everything was bound and legal. Lily wouldn’t ever be able to leave him.

“I’m taking you away from here. You’re going to be my wife and not be treated like some slave.” He kicked the door, and it swung outward. George, Jessica, and Stephanie came running over. He saw them watching. Her father looked shamed and gazed at the floor. Her mother pressed a hand to her heart and smiled, and Stephanie shot daggers at Lily. Wayne saw all the reactions, and he was disgusted with them all.

“Where are you taking her?” Jessica came forward, all motherly pretence included.

“Away from you. You’ll be invited to the wedding, but with regards to anything else, you’d better stay away,” he warned. “My lawyers will be in contact.”

He left them behind. Caring for his woman was now at the forefront of his mind. “You can put me down now,” Lily said.

“I like having you in my arms.”

“I’m too heavy.”

“Is that what they all told you? Nonsense, Lily, I’ll carry you whenever I want.” He’d carry her over the threshold as a married couple. And he’d do the same on his wedding night when he took her to bed.

Wayne was determined to wait until his wedding night, giving Lily the proper white wedding she deserved, and hopefully, win some brownie points with her.

Chapter Four

Lily watched the passing scenery with half a heart. Wayne, her future husband, carried her all the way to the car and strapped her in. His attentiveness was sweet after the demands he’d made earlier.

With a sigh, she rested her throbbing head against the windowpane. Her life would change forever. Her thighs still ached from having him between them, her pussy and panties soaked from her climax. When she’d awoken this morning, it had never entered her head where the morning would go.

Wayne took her hand, and she wanted to pull away but knew he owned her. She didn’t have much of a choice but to do as he said.

“What happens now?” she asked.

“I’m taking you to my apartment in the city. We’re going to spend a little time house hunting before we pick a property, and then I’ll organize for a wedding planner to come around for you to plan our wedding.” He sounded so chirpy.

“What happens to my family?”

“Why do you care about them so much?”

“Because they’re still my family, and I love them.”

She knew what he was thinking. She still loved them, but they couldn’t give two shits about her. Pitiful. The entire situation simply highlighted the fact she would do anything to gain their love and respect.

She continued to watch the flow of trees and houses. She refused to look at him.

“They’ll be looked after. The debt will be paid and they'll be given an allowance, but they must keep within their means. I’m not some bank account.”

“What happens to my father’s companies? And you do sound like a bank account. What makes you think I’m not some gold-thingy or other? I can’t remember what you people call them.” She knew his business acumen left a lot to be desired but she hoped, in his own way, he would still care about other people and their loyalty to her father’s company. She really hoped he cared enough. He'd bought failing businesses and built them back up with the same staff.

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