Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Cassie Walker struggled to keep her gaze away from the tempting ass of her boss. Blaze Sinclair was one incredibly hot man. He was a tall and well-muscled man, considering he spent a great deal of time behind a desk. He had smoky brown eyes she loved to look into, his hair the same intense brown on the top of his head.

Thanks to Blaze, Cassie was the face everyone saw in the morning. She knew the main board of directors had been furious when she got the job. Impeccable qualifications weren’t the only things they were looking for. Within the first week on the job she’d noted all the main secretaries and personal assistants were blonde, beautiful, and impossibly thin. The only time she’d been thin was when she’d been too young to care about her figure.

Unfortunately, no matter how many diets or healthy eating options she adopted, her curves and size sixteen and probably a bit more would forever stay with her. Weight to her was the same as death and taxes to everyone else.

Blaze had stuck by his decision, and she’d become the face everyone saw when entering the building. This had taken place a year ago. Blaze had become one of the endless people she saw in the morning. And she loved looking at his tight ass as he passed every morning. She never took a sick day and always had a smile for everyone.

Failure never was an option for her. Cassie did her job the way she was trained, though this didn’t stop her from having lots of secret sexual fantasises about the man standing away from the rest of the group.

She directed the caterers to the corner of the reception area of the Sinclair building. It was three days until Christmas, and every year the company threw a Christmas party. They were the only company to allow all of the festive season into the New Year off. Cassie smiled to passing colleagues and gathered tinsel to spread around the last few bits of the reception. The idea was for everyone to get into the spirit in time for the big day. She loved being a receptionist, and being in love with the boss helped her get over some of the nasty gibes other female employees sent her way. Being the biggest woman in the company would bring out a comment or two.

The music filtered through the sound system, carols and Christmas style music. She signed the last orders for the drinks and arranged for taxis to be on standby. Gifts were placed under the large decorative Christmas tree.

Cassie glanced around and smiled at a few people, who raised glasses in her direction. This was the first Christmas party she’d thrown without any help from other sources. For final inspection she walked over to the buffet table and was pleased with the range of food and snacks on offer. She stole a prawn toast before walking over to the board to disconnect all of the phones when a final call came in.

“Hello, Sinclair Foundation. How may I help you?” Cassie listened to the rude woman on the line for a few minutes before realising cutting her off would be a mistake. “Please, give me one moment while I find him.” She placed the phone down on the desk and went in search of the man in question. Her heart raced, and her pussy creamed as it often did when thinking about the boss. Blaze stood with his brother, and she walked over to them.

“Hi, Mr. Sinclair, there is a phone call at the main desk for you,” she said, cringing at how formal she sounded. Reception work had her well and truly trained.

“Thank you, Cassie. Who is it?” She loved hearing the gravel sounds of his voice.

“A woman. She said just to get you.” She smiled, twirling a strand of hair through her fingers. There was no need to tell him about her rudeness. Christmas was supposed to be a time for forgiving.

“Thank you.” She watched as he walked toward the front desk until he stopped and turned around. “Will you be at the Christmas party all night, Cassie?”

“I have to be. I was told it is part of the receptionist’s job. To make sure everything runs smoothly.”

“Good.” He turned away and moved to the main desk. Could his words mean something? Why would he be interested in her being at the party? She glanced at the brother before leaving to do her job.

“Francesca is on the phone?” Cassie turned, seeing Chris watching his brother.

Cassie shrugged. “She wouldn’t give me her name.”

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