Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

“Where have I put those bloody keys?” She turned around and around in circles, hoping they would jump out at her. She looked at her fluffy chair that Whiskers was seated on. “You little sneak. I know you hate riding in the car, but we, Mister, are going on vacation. We deserve it.” She picked the bulk of her cat up, and there, shining up at her, were her car keys.

Cassie packed the last suitcase into the car. She went back up one final time to collect Whiskers. The phone rang as she passed, and without thinking she picked it up.

“Hi, Cassie Walker speaking,” she said, her voice happy and chirpy.

“You should be on the road.” Chris Sinclair scolded her.

“Listen, Mister. I’m on my way out the door. I just got Whiskers.” The cat was killing her arm.

“Leave him. He’ll survive without food for well over a month,” Chris said.

“You miss him. I know you love little Whiskers,” she said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get on the road.”

“All right, all right. Going, going.” She slammed the phone down, leaving her apartment and locking the door. “Gone.” She smiled. She packed Whiskers into his box and made her way for the beach and relaxation.


At the house near the beach, Chris put the phone back into the cradle. “Cassie is on her way, and so is Blaze.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing, son.” His father, David, did not like his son’s meddling schemes.

“Trust me, Dad. This will work. It’ll hurt, and there’ll be a few explosions, but in the end it will be happiness.” Chris could feel it.

“I hope you’re right.” Trent, the youngest brother, spoke from the doorway.

“Have a little faith, you two,” Chris said.

“I don’t want Molly upset anymore, Chris. This is supposed to be for us as well,” his father said.

Chris knew about the troubles in his father’s marriage. Molly had faced his father with divorce papers two months ago, saying she could no longer cope. His father had refused to sign them, being his usual bull self. This time was supposed to be for them to realise that marriage was good. It was part of the reason that his dad had asked his sons to come home, so Molly wouldn’t leave him. The rascal knew how much she loved his boys.

“I know, and this will help. Cassie and Blaze are supposed to be together. You didn’t see them three years ago. Francesca destroyed what they could have had. They can have it now. They just need a little persuading.”

It was time for Cassie to have some happiness. Chris had stayed in touch, and they’d become good friends. Chris wanted to see his friend happy.

“I forgot to mention that Cassie is bringing her fat cat, Whiskers. Molly’s heart will melt.” Chris soothed his father.

“Luke and John will be arriving in a few days, so you boys be nice,” David said. Luke and John were the boys his dad had with Molly, his second and final wife.

“We’ve never had a problem with them before, Dad. What makes you think we’ll have one now?” Trent asked. Trent was the quiet one of all the children.

“Because it was Luke and John who told Molly to demand a divorce,” David growled.

Chris watched his father. He loved the old man, but he was stupid. He knew Molly suffered daily knowing that her husband would never love her. At least David thought he could never love another woman. Chris had loved his mother, but he knew the value of moving on. He hoped in time his father saw the same.

“Stop your scheming, young men. It’s time for lunch.” Molly came into his father’s study wearing a stained apron. Chris watched as she smiled at Trent and himself, but nodded at their father, her eyes filled with pain and another emotion he had never seen there, hopelessness. Molly had finally given up hope. He watched as his father went to kiss Molly, but she turned away so he only grazed her cheek.

Seeing his dad and Molly struggling tugged at Chris.

It looked like his next mission would be to help his parents. That is what Molly was to him now, his parent.

Chapter Five

“Look, Daddy. There is Grandpa and Grandma.” Blaze Jr. squealed in delight.

Blaze parked the car his eyes on his Dad and Step-mum. There was something different about them, but he could not put his finger on it.

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