Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Blaze starred up at the sky, relishing the brightness of the sun. Looking into that sun made him wonder about Cassie.

He wondered about how she was and what she was doing.

The sun shone on his face, warming him.

The sound of an approaching car had him turning.

No, it couldn’t be.


Molly watched her husband. He made her heart ache. For years now he’d made her heart ache. After the death of his first wife, watching his pain and suffering had hurt her deeply. She would come around to his house and babysit for his three boys. She was ten years younger than he, so when he was thirty-five, she had been twenty-five and spreading her wings. After helping him with his sons, and nurturing Trent, he’d asked her to become the boys’ nanny. He’d paid her to stay at the house, working with the boys, creating a homely lifestyle. Trent had attached himself to her, following her whenever he was allowed and waiting patiently for her return. Blaze and Chris had not seemed at all bothered by her presence. In some aspects they were indifferent to her.

For five months she’d been on cloud nine, having a family to call her own, even if it was silently. Then one night her life would change.

That night David had come home, drunk and mean. He blamed Trent for the death of his first wife. Molly had sent Trent and the boys to bed. Taking charge she’d stormed out to the shed outside, taking David as far away as she could from the children.

They had yelled and cursed each other, and then on the hard rough floor they’d had sex. At the time she had called it making love, but now to her it was just sex. David never made love. He saved that for his first wife. The one he loved the most. The worst aspect about that night had been that they had unprotected sex.

Three months later, three months of absolute silence between them, Molly had discovered she was pregnant.

His words to this day she would never forget. “I’ll marry you. No child of mine will be born outside of the Sinclair name. But, Molly, I’ll care for you, but I’ll never love you.”

His words had hurt then, and they still hurt now. They had married, and six months later Luke had been born. Three years after that John followed. She loved her children. They were the reason for living in limbo, always being second best. She could no longer do this, though, live without love. Her boys were older and had left home. They had even encouraged her to leave their father. Trent had told her he loved her, and no matter what he respected her decision.

Two months ago, she had been shocked to the very core of her being when David had raged and screamed at her.

No divorce. He wouldn’t allow it.

Coming to a compromise, she would wait it out and see if they could work through their problems.


David watched Molly helping his grandson. The woman he’d been married to for twenty-five years. Who’d born two of his children and who’d helped love and cherish all five of his boys. Molly was a fantastic woman, full of love and life.

He had killed that love. She no longer wanted to be with him. She didn’t want a marriage, a relationship, or to make love. Two months ago after the shock of her demands he’d gone to their bed and tried to seduce her, to win her over by loving her body, but she had turned from him whispering the words that would scar him forever if he didn’t win her back.

“I cannot bear your touch,” she’d whispered, her eyes red and blood-shot. She now slept in the spare bedroom.

He missed her at night, her heat, her body, the way she used to welcome him. He missed her smile, her touch, even her nearness.

For twenty-five years he’d become accustomed to certain actions and ways of living, and now they were being completely blown out of the water.

He wouldn’t be able to live without her. She was his world.

He loved and adored her with all of his heart.

She could not leave him.

Molly was his woman.

His woman.

Chapter Six

“Do you think we’re here, Whiskers?” Cassie asked her cat, glancing quickly down at the printed map.

She eased the car down the driveway. It looked abandoned and beautiful. Private and secluded, Chris had told her. A footpath would lead directly to the beach. The sun beat down, the air-conditioning doing nothing to stop the heat. The sun blinded her, and she brought the car to a slow stop.

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