Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Cassie unbuckled her seatbelt, gathered her purse and exited the car. She moved round to the back where she pulled Whiskers out. Cassie made her way out of the glaring sunshine, smiling at the male figure. Chris must be waiting for her. She smiled, waving her hand. When she stepped out of the glare of the sun, Cassie came to an abrupt stop.

No, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible.

There in all his male glory stood the one man Cassie had never gotten over, the one man she’d been mourning for the past three years.

Blaze Sinclair, the man who owned her heart and soul.

They stood – a small distance between them – staring at each other.

Cassie felt tears gathering in her eyes. She couldn’t take her gaze off him. She was eating him up, devouring him. Whiskers became impatient and pulled out of her arms, charging into the house.

“Cassie, you made it.” Chris came down the steps, walking towards her. She saw his amusement, and in that moment, Cassie hated him. How could he do this to her?

She stood frozen as he pulled her into a bear hug. She couldn’t find the will to move her muscles. She felt frozen inside.

“You have a good trip?” Chris pulled away, turning her face to stare at him.

“How could you do this to me?” she asked, her voice hoarse with the tears only just staying at bay.

“It’s time, Cassie,” Chris told her, gathering her close and walking with her towards Blaze, his brother.

“Blaze, you remember Cassie.”

Cassie stared into the eyes of the man she loved and almost flinched at the anger she saw in his.

“What is the meaning of this, Chris?” Blaze asked. His voice was hard and firm, clearly showing his anger at the situation.

“Cassie’s a dear friend of mine, and I wanted her to be with me for the summer.” Even to her it sounded dubious.

“How dear a friend?” Was that jealousy she heard?

“We’re just friends,” Cassie said, taking control. “If you or your wife has a problem with me being here then I could leave.” She went to move away, almost praying for her car to come and gather her up and take her away from this embarrassing situation.


“No—” The brothers spoke in unison.

Cassie didn’t know whether to be disappointed. It would be easier and less painful to be sent home. Would she be able to deal with watching Blaze and his wife together? A stupid question because there would be no way for her to deal with that. The pain would be like walking over broken glass with no shoes on, painful and dangerous.

“I’m not married anymore, Cassie. Francesca and I have agreed on a divorce, and it’ll be finalised in a few weeks.” Cassie looked at Blaze. His words penetrated the wall around her heart, but it was not enough. Instead of relief she felt afraid. She couldn’t allow herself to let go. They may have only had sex the one time and over his desk, but to her it had meant more. She wouldn’t survive another trampling on her heart.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” she whispered.

“Come on, sunshine. Let’s show you to your room. I’ve a feeling Whiskers may have already found and claimed your bed though.” He laughed. Chris rested his arms around her shoulders. “I’ll show you to your room, let you freshen up, and then take you to meet the rest of the family.” Chris steered her down the hall and up some stairs. She couldn’t take in the surroundings. Her mind was racing.

“And here is one of the most amazing rooms in this house. Apart from the parents’ room of course. You’ve a little balcony, so you can watch the sunrise and the sunset.” The room was lovely. A huge king-sized bed dominated the room, and there was an en suite bathroom and a room to store her clothes. The colouring was nice and light. She tested the edge of the bed. She sank into the covers. The bed had to be good, as Whiskers was snuggled in the centre, purring happily.

“Why?” Cassie asked, staring around her before looking at him.


“No. No, don’t ‘Cassie’ me. Just tell me why,” she said, her voice sounding a little hysterical even to her.

“Look, just trust me all right.” Chris went and stood in front of her.

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