Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

“You don’t look at her. You hear me?” Blaze sounded calm, but inside he was seething.

“So what? I’m just supposed to look at the floor?” Chris asked, his voice filled with humour.

“Why do you do it, Chris? Why?” Blaze let him go, knowing that there was no chance in hell of changing his brother. Chris had his reasons for everything, and in most aspects his reasons made sense.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, straightening his shirt as he did.

“For God’s sake, Chris. If you hurt her—”

“You mean like you did. Tell me, and be honest. When you saw her step out of that car, did your whole world become brighter, filled with hope?” Blaze ignored the question, turning from his brother. His whole world had turned when he saw her, beautiful and dazzling him like she used to. “See, that’s what you’re supposed to feel. I’m sick of people running from what they want. Well, if I meddle, it is for a damn good reason.” Chris stormed off, leaving Blaze alone in the empty hall.

This was supposed to be a simple vacation. Time away from work and city life, to appreciate the finer things in life. He had his son, but his family and his world seemed to be crashing around him. Chris was becoming more demanding in his brotherly matchmaking ways. Trent was silent and fuming. Molly and his Dad were crumbling, and the only woman to touch his heart was freshening up. It looked like a simple vacation was about to become a whole lot worse.

“Hi.” Blaze turned towards the stairs watching Cassie descend. She wore a plain, simple, pastel green summer dress. He watched her ‘til she stood right in front of him.

“Hi,” he said.

Cassie smiled. “This seems a little awkward,” she said.

“No, not awkward. Just ... just ... new.” Blaze finally managed to find a word to describe their situation.

“If you want me to—” She pointed towards the door.

“No, you don’t have to leave.” He stopped, staring into her eyes, trying to learn everything about her. “Could we start over, like we’ve never met and have no history?” he asked.

“Blaze.” She took a step back.

“No, hear me out. I know we’ve a few problems, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work them out.” Blaze didn’t want to sound like he was begging, but he wanted to be in this woman’s company.

“All right, we’ll see what happens,” she said.

“Right, I’ll show you to the rest of my family.” Blaze took her elbow, the energy sizzling through him. She felt soft, her scent beautiful and teasing him.

Chapter Seven

Cassie smiled. She hugged Molly and then David. Trent kissed her cheek and Blaze Jr. hid behind his father’s legs.

“Hiya, you must be Blaze Jr. I’m Cassie Walker.” She smiled to the little boy, not wanting to frighten him.

“Come on, son. Say hello,” Blaze said.

Blaze Jr. stayed behind his father’s legs but gave a muffled hello.

Introductions had been simple enough. It seemed that even though all the family would be staying in the beach house, there were no actual family activities going on. They were all free to come and go as they pleased. Molly would be cooking, so there was no need to go and get extra food. Considering the size of the family everyone seemed tense. Blaze stood in the corner, watching his dad and Molly. Trent seemed to be fuming in silence, and Chris, well, Chris seemed to be watching everyone.

“So, Cassie. How do you know Chris?” Molly asked breaking the tense silence.

“Well, I used to work for him. I was a receptionist for Sinclair Industry.”

“But you’re not now?” Molly seemed desperate to fill the silence.

“No, I was only there a short time.”

“How did you and Chris stay in touch?”

“Well, he got me another job as a receptionist in another company, and then he helped me set up my own agency.” Talking about work was easy.

“What do you do?” Molly continued to ask.

“Let the poor girl relax, Mol.” David’s interruption was the first time he’d spoken. He seemed angry, and Molly stopped and looked at him. The pain she saw in this woman’s eyes hurt Cassie to even see.

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