Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Cassie saw the small, petite woman approach. Long blonde waves of hair cascaded around her. Her face delicate and fine, the woman was beautiful. She remembered her now. “You work for Sinclair Industry. A secretary, right?”

Erica nodded smiling. “That’s right. What’re you doing here? I haven’t seen you for years. What have you been up to?”

Cassie smiled. She had always liked Erica, a nice woman.

“Running my own business. I’m staying with the Sinclairs.” Cassie pointed behind her “What about you?”

“I left Sinclair not long after you. I’ve been doing a few things now and then. I’m staying with a bunch of friends across the beach.”

They walked along the beach, talking and catching up. They arranged a shopping trip at the local mall for the following day, so they could catch up some more.

They were both just moving up along the beach when Cassie noticed Chris stood waiting for her.

“Hi, Chris. Look who I bumped into.”

“Erica Black,” Chris said.

“Hi,” Erica said.

“Hi, Erica.”

Cassie looked from one to the other, wondering what had caused the sudden tension. Is this what her vacation was going to be like, full of tense, uncomfortable moments?

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow, Cassie,” Erica said as she walked away.

Cassie watched her go.

“Wow, she was all right until you showed up,” Cassie said. She watched as he stared after Erica.

“She always is,” he mumbled.

Not bothering to get too far into his mental state, Cassie followed him up to the house. The sun was setting, and she was desperate to see it from her room.

“Why did you call me anyway?” she asked, moving branches out of the way as she followed the path back home.

“Molly sent me. She was worried and thought you had gotten lost.” Chris seemed completely lost in thought. “What is Erica doing here?” he asked.

“She’s staying with a few friends across the beach. I guess she needed some time away from the city.”

“Did she say anything else?”

“No, not really. We talked about this place and how we both hate living in the city. We’re meeting up tomorrow, going shopping and having some lunch.”

Cassie left him at the stairs and made her way to her room. Whiskers was awake and growling.

“It’s not my fault you slept all afternoon and missed food,” she told him stroking his furry head.

Another growl.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give me a few minutes to wash my face, and I’ll take you downstairs and miss my beautiful sunset.”

She really needed to stop talking to her cat.

Over the past three years she must have had more conversations with that living bundle of fur than she had ever had with another person.

Cassie washed her face and combed her hair, huffing as she picked up the fat cat. Every day he seemed heavier. She made her way down to the kitchen.

Molly stood at the stove humming.

“Hello, Molly.”

Molly turned, and her face melted at the sight of Whiskers.

“Oh my lord, he or she?”

“A very lazy he,” Cassie said. She stroked his head.

“Can I hold him?”

Cassie had no problem passing on his weight.

“He is so adorable.” Molly cooed to the cat.

Cassie sat in a stool and watched the older woman lovingly stroke her cat. Whiskers basked in attention.

“He needs feeding.”

Cassie watched as Molly prepared her cat some food. The woman was so loving and caring.

“What is it about women and cats?” Blaze came in and took a seat next to Cassie.

“They’re much better companions than men,” Cassie said immediately.

“I agree,” Molly said.

“Well, if I knew you lovely women would be ganging up on me I’d have stayed in my room.” Blaze laughed.

“Where’s Blaze Jr.?” Molly asked.

“He’s in bed. Dad’s reading him a bed-time story.”

“I’ll go and say good night.” Molly left the kitchen.

Cassie moved to give Blaze her whole, undivided attention. He was as sexy as she remembered. Stubble marred his face where he obviously needed to shave. Ruggedly handsome came to mind, or sexy as sin. His body was still hard. She could see that under his casual clothes. Everything about him screamed sex appeal. It wasn’t fair. The man was positively dripping with sex. Her body responded to his magnetic pull. Her pussy was wet as she remembered the power this man had and the rough sex they’d had on the edge of his desk. It had been the most surreal moment of her whole life, one she dreamed about all the time. If she hadn’t wasted time by being afraid, Blaze Sinclair could have been her husband and Blaze Jr. could have been her child.

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