Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Francesca Lawe was Blaze Sinclair’s current girlfriend. Cassie was in love with a man who didn’t know she existed beyond the realms of the four walls where she worked.

She turned her focus back on the boss, wishing she had told the woman to phone back during office hours. He looked stressed. Cassie wanted to kick herself. Her gut had told her to leave the woman hanging, but there were so many personal female calls for Blaze that she made sure they got to him.

“He doesn’t seem happy,” Cassie said to Chris, feeling nervous as she felt him staring at her.

“That is because Francesca is trying to get him to marry her,” Chris said. Cassie gasped. If the woman succeeded then she would need to get another job.

Lusting and pining for a man who was usually single was completely different from lusting after a man who was married. Cassie wouldn’t be able to cope seeing him every day and knowing there was absolutely no chance for her. Even though she knew that now. With him married it would drive the stake firmly through it.

“However, there is a chance for someone else. Blaze does want someone, but it would seem it would be up to her to make the first move.” Chris walked away, leaving his words to attack Cassie and her imagination. She hated Blaze’s brother. The man was a walking, talking matchmaking machine. He was responsible for the previous receptionist leaving and marrying the man of her dreams, and Cassie had heard rumours of how he meddled with others in the office.

Chris “Matchmaking” Sinclair was what some of the women would call him.

What did he mean about a woman making the first move? Did he mean her? That wasn’t possible. What would Blaze Sinclair see in her?

She didn’t give it much more thought and let the party take her into the Christmas spirit. It was after eleven, and the party was in full swing. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves and thanking Cassie. Squeals of delight and laughter rang from all around the room. Cassie loved it when she saw the success of her planning. The food was almost all gone. She made a mental note to thank her friend John for all his help. The man was genius.

She mingled, passing out gifts and serving up cake. Even though everyone was having a good time, one person was absent, and that left Cassie saddened. Once it was past midnight, people started to leave to get back home because of babysitters and plans tomorrow. The last couple left around one in the morning. Cassie was alone in the building. She needed to organise the cleanup. She gathered the plastic cups and started putting them into dustbin bags, then taking down strings from party poppers and wrapping paper.

She heard the sound of a glass crashing against the wall and a man sobbing. Cassie searched the offices until she came to a dark closed office. She opened the door not knowing whom she would find.

“Mr. Sinclair?” Cassie had assumed Blaze had gone home.

“Cassie?” His voice was not drunk or slurred but raw with emotion.

Cassie came into the room, shutting the door behind her. “What’s the matter, Mr. Sinclair?”

“Mr. Sinclair? For once can you not call me Blaze?” He seemed angered.

“What’s the matter, Blaze?” she repeated. Seeing him upset was killing her.

“Oh, my life has just fucked up completely.” Cassie came around his desk, pressing the back of her hand against his forehead, but he seemed fine, no fever.

“It’s just Christmas. Let me call you a cab to take you home.” Cassie reached across his desk and picked up the phone, but she was startled as Blaze curled his fingers around her wrist.

“I don’t need to go home,” he said, taking the phone from her hand and replacing it in the cradle. Cassie’s heart raced. She thought it would burst from her chest as the rapid beats increased. He kept a good grip on her wrist. His eyes stared at where they touched.

“You are so soft,” he whispered, his fingers running along the inside of her wrist. He pressed against her pulse, and he must have felt it jump. His other arm came to her hip and pulled her to the centre of his desk, before him. Cassie gasped, the erotic force of the moment taking her breath away. She watched as he placed his head onto her slightly round stomach. She heard him pressing kisses on her stomach and inhaling her scent. His hands moved down and were pressing her legs apart, caressing up the insides of her legs and gathering up her skirt.

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