Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Cassie needed to stop him, but the feelings he evoked were driving her crazy. She wanted nothing more than to bask in his attention, but common sense came to the fore. She stopped his hands, forcing him to pause before he exposed her panties.

“Blaze, you need to stop,” she whispered. The denial sounded pathetic, but she needed to be the sane one. This wasn’t the Blaze she knew, and she refused to be a regret.

“Please don’t push me away, Cassie. I’ve seen you watching me, and I know what you want. It’s Christmas. Let’s just forget everything but this moment.” His words sent alarm bells careening through her head. He was right. She wanted this, and she needed to feel this. Chris’s earlier words came back to her. What if after all this time Blaze had been waiting for her? She refused to spend the rest of her life wondering and regretting what could happen tonight. Cassie tugged on his tie, pulling his head closer to her. She took his lips, her first kiss with Blaze hot and feisty. Blaze stood, coming over her. He pulled her skirt as far as it would go, exposing her dampened panties. Cassie could smell her arousal, and she knew he must. Her pussy was wet and juicy.

He ripped her shirt open sending buttons spraying over the room. Cassie giggled, but she heard Blaze growl. His eyes devoured her lace-covered breasts. He unsnapped the front, watching as they exploded out. He moaned, and so did Cassie, as her breasts were huge and sensitive.

“You’ve got great tits. I want to suck on them.” Blaze cupped her breasts. They filled his hands and spilled over the top. Cassie moaned, arching her back.

“No good, I need you completely naked.” Blaze forced her to stand while he shed the rest of her clothes, as well as his until they stood staring at each other. Naked. He pushed her across his desk, his cock huge as it stood out.

“You’re so beautiful. A lovely ripe peach,” he growled. Blaze took one of her tits, and he nipped and plucked at her nipples.

She gasped. “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

“I’ve fantasised about you like this,” Blaze said. Cassie held her breath. This gorgeous man had fantasised about her? He wanted her?

“You wet for me, baby?” he asked. His fingers ran through her wet slit. She gasped, her eyes closing. “No, don’t close your eyes. Watch me,” he said. Cassie opened her eyes and followed the path he was taking. He was watching as his fingers circled her clit. The man was torturing her.

“So swollen and wet, begging to be touched.” She cried out as he penetrated her with two fingers.

He speared her pussy and fingered her clit. The wet sounds echoed off the walls of his office and heightened her arousal. She was wet and desperate to come. He fucked her with two fingers, and she watched him, the cream visible as he disappeared inside her body to his knuckles. The thrusts and touch on her swollen nub were driving her closer to the edge. She cried and bucked and begged for release.

Blaze took her to the pinnacle and brought her back before giving release. He held her back, denying her until she was a quivering wreck, mindless, insane and drunk on the pleasure that he was unleashing.

Only when she begged and pleaded for release, only when she was a quivering mess, blinded by intense pleasure, only then did he bring her to the edge and then to the peak of ecstasy. She screamed as her juices coated his fingers. Before she had a chance to come down from the exquisite high and get her senses in order, Blaze moved between her legs. With his hands on her hips he brought her to the edge of his desk, opening her wide for him. Blaze moved one of his hands between them. Cassie watched him grasp his large thick dick and tease the top through her wet slit. She gasped and cried out as his cock hit her clit, the naked head coated in her dripping cream.

“Please. No more,” she said. Blaze chuckled and placed the head of his cock at her entrance. He pressed forward until only the head pressed inside. Cassie couldn’t believe how stretched she was from only the head of his cock. Blaze took both of her hips in his large hands, and with great force he plunged all the way inside her dripping cunt to the hilt. He made her take all of his powerful strength. He was large, and there was a point of pain to his penetration, but it felt wonderful, the pleasure completely wiping out the small amount of pain.

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