Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Cassie wasn’t conscious of her body anymore. The weight of all the insecurities had been lifted in his admission. The strangest and most bizarre feeling settled over her. Blaze admitting she hadn’t been a pity fuck had opened her world and mind to that night.

“I’m yours,” she said.

Blaze got a wicked gleam in his eye, and Cassie couldn’t do anything but hold her breath as he lowered his head.

She cried out at the first swipe of his tongue through her creaming wet slit. Her fingers clenched in the silk sheet. He didn’t have anything for her to hold onto. Cassie gasped when his fingers played around her entrance. She held her breath as one thick finger thrust inside her followed by a second. His tongue tortured her swollen aching clit.

Her eyes closed.

“Yes, lick me,” she panted.

A third finger joined the other two, stretching her pussy. He made a scissor action inside her. Cassie moved her hips with the thrusting of his hand, his tongue speeding up and slowing down every time she grew closer to the peak. Cum was leaking out of her, and she felt it as it dribbled down past her ass.

She moaned at the forbidden pleasure hidden there.

Her eyes opened when what felt like a thumb was pressed against the tight hole.

“What are you doing?” she asked, scared and excited. No man had ever touched her ass before, never so intimately. Cassie had thought about it over the years when she’d read books and articles, but she always figured the information was far-fetched. How could anyone find pleasure in what she considered to be an out hole?

“You ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Nooo,” she said drawing out the word.

“How about I give you a little taster?” he said. “Trust me.”

She hated those words. If she refused, it would show she didn’t trust him. To say yes what would that make her? A slut? A woman?

She was thinking too much.

Cassie lay back and submitted to whatever he wanted to do to her body. His tongue began flicking her clit, and within moments she forgot about being tense and the decision he was making and let go. Her cunt was filled, her clit getting attention.

Oh sweet mother of god.

His thumb pushed past those tight rings of muscles. Cassie couldn’t tense up even if she wanted to. The pleasure and the burn turned into the most exquisite taste of torture she’d ever participated in. She wanted more, to be filled by more than a thumb. Would he ever stick his cock in her?

Nothing mattered. His thumb was matching the thrusts of his fingers, and his tongue danced over her clit. A trio of ecstasy. Cassie couldn’t control herself.

The orgasm surged up, tumbling over her, unexpected but so fucking great.

She screamed, her hips and pelvis pushing up and back trying to take his fingers and his thumb at the same time.

Her cum pulsed from her body soaking his hands and the sheets. Cassie knew she’d come loads. The pleasure didn’t cease until she passed out on the bed, a deep sleep consuming her.


There was no greater satisfaction than knowing you’d sent your woman into a deep sleep. Cassie would wake in the morning. What with the time on the beach, the long day together, and the dual penetration she’d experienced, his woman was pooped.

He pulled out of her body, carefully, to make sure he didn’t wake or disturb her, and went to the bathroom to wash up and grab a cloth.

He brought a cool damp cloth and cleaned between her legs and ass. The coolness would do her good. She’d be sore in the morning if he didn’t help her. Instead of moving her, he found the extra blankets and draped them over her body. Blaze got in beside her. He held Cassie in his arms and thought about that night three years ago. Not about Francesca, but about what he’d said in the bathroom when he’d been talking to Chris. Cassie didn’t know she’d had an impact on him long before the night of the Christmas party. The memories were as clear to him as if it had happened yesterday.


Blaze Sinclair kept glancing in the direction of the sexy receptionist in his building. No matter where he went, he constantly tried to find her. Before he’d hired her earlier in the year, he would hide and come through the back exit. But now he made the effort to come round to the front of the building and speak to her before he started his day. Her cheery smile and friendly personality started his work day off, with a hard cock and pleasant thoughts.

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