Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Blaze nodded and glanced at all of his brothers. “None of you going to talk to me?”

His other three brothers looked up. “What do you want us to say?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know? ‘Good morning’.”

Luke and John scowled at him and walked away. They did that a lot lately.

“Seriously, our family is falling apart. Dad looks like he wants to kill someone while craving his wife. Molly is crying all the time, and because everything is going well with you, you think we should all be happy?” Trent stormed off leaving Chris.

“Go on. Scowl at me or rant,” Blaze said.

Chris shook his head. “Not in my style. I’m waiting for dad to realise he’s in love and for those three morons to see it happen. They don’t think he deserves her, but I think he does. Anyway, I noticed Cassie isn’t in her room. I take it everything is going well with you?”

Blaze glared at him and took a coffee up to his room. Cassie was sitting up in bed.

“Morning,” he said.

“Morning,” she said.

“I take it someone needs one of these first thing in the morning.”

Cassie didn’t answer him, and she took the cup. Blaze smiled and watched her. He could get used to this, to a life waking up with her in his arms. For three years he’d craved her. Tonight, he’d take her out to dinner and ask her to marry him. They’d only seen each other a week, but in his heart he’d wanted her for the past three years and more.

So much time had already been wasted. He hoped the pill she was on didn’t work. Blaze loved the thought of a baby growing inside her. Her tits would be massive.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” she asked once she drained the coffee.

“I was thinking we could stay in and play in the pool, and tonight I want to take you out.” Blaze leaned in and kissed her. He’d waited long enough.

“I like the sound of that. It has to be an Italian restaurant though. I’ve had a craving for Italian food all week,” Cassie said.

“Whatever my woman wants.”


The Sinclair family were out by the pool. Cassie saw that in Blaze Junior’s company everyone was on their best behaviour. She noted David kept trying to corner Molly. The guy looked in seduction mode. Blaze was splashing in the pool while she sat on the edge, her feet dipping into the water.

“You look cozy,” Chris said as he joined her.

“I am. I’m happy. Thank you for inviting me.” She hugged her friend.

“That’s me. My diabolical plan to set you up with my brother.” She heard his wit and knew other stuff plagued his mind.

“I figured it out.” Cassie watched the man she loved with his son.

“Now you’ve just got to fight to keep it. You’ve given him a second chance, so now fight to keep him the good guy,” Chris said.

She thought about Erica. Chris was paying the price of his mistake by setting up a love match with most of the couples he encountered.

“Why don’t you take your own advice?” she asked.

Chris stared at her. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t be a dick.” She shoved him in the arm. “You fucked up with Erica. That doesn’t mean you can’t win her back.”

Chris laughed. “I didn’t fuck up. That’s too light to put it.”

“Do you love Erica?”

He paused, and she saw the different emotions flittering across his face. “With all my heart.”

“Then after today, go and find her. Make her see the new man you are and not the arsehole you use to be.”

“Thanks for the pep talk,” he said with a laugh.

“Any time.”

She searched for Blaze and froze into place. He was stood with his hand barring someone from coming in. In the time it had taken for her to talk to Chris, Blaze was off and encountering a problem.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” Cassie heard her friend say. Her thoughts were the same.

Francesca Sinclair stood in a mini skirt, a tight, clear top, and heels. Across the lawn Cassie saw the woman’s outline. How could this person be Blaze Junior’s mother?

Francesca’s hands were all over Blaze.

Heart pounding in her chest, Cassie waited for them to move.

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