Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Would Blaze get rid of her? Is this the part where she woke up and realised he’d never want her?

How could her old insecurities be flooding her? She thought they’d been wiped out by last night.

No such luck. She saw the woman of Blaze’s past, with her perfect hair and make-up, with her slim body and long legs. Cassie gazed down at her body in the bikini Blaze had talked her into wearing.

She felt like an idiot. An ugly, fat idiot.

Blaze brought her closer to the pool.

“Francesca’s come to see her son,” he said to the group. The wind was knocked out of Cassie when he didn’t look at her.

“He’s so modest. I’ve not only come for my son, but I’ve come to fight for our marriage.” Her fingers ran across his chest, and in an act so possessive there could be no mistake, she kissed Blaze.

Cassie didn’t wait to see what happened next. She got up from her seat and ran through the house. Chris called after her, as did a few others. She wasn’t staying to relive her past.

“Cassie,” Blaze called.

He was behind her, and he spun her around to face him.

His lips were covered in red lipstick. She slapped him across the face. Disgusted with herself, she charged up to her room.

“Cassie, don’t do this. This isn’t what you think.”

“What I think? I think I was a fool to give you a second chance. There’s no way I can compete with that woman. I didn’t come here to get pulled into your drama again. You promised me she was out of your life,” Cassie shouted and pulled the suitcase from under the bed. The first sun dress she found she placed over her head.

“She’s Blaze Junior’s mother,” he said.

Cassie stared at him a few seconds and couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been. Of course he’d go back to the slim, beautiful woman in a heartbeat. He’d banged the one that got away and sated himself with her and her body. He could move on now. Just like Chris had with Erica.

“I’m leaving. This was the biggest fucking mistake of my life.” She gathered her clothes and everything she’d bought. She grabbed the stuffed teddy Blaze had won at the fair and threw it at him. No longer would she be suckered into anything. From now on, firmness was the only way to go. She could trust no one but herself.

“You shouldn’t be driving in this condition,” he said.

“I’m fine, Blaze. This time is no different from the last time.” She picked up her suitcase and purse and walked down the hall. There was no point in extending lengthy goodbyes, and she went out the front door. Blaze had blocked her car in the night before. “Will you move your car?” she asked.

“No. I told you, you’re not going.”

She opened up the boot of the car and dumped her bags inside. Whiskers came out, and she picked him up and placed him in the backseat.

“Too bad.” Cassie opened the car door and went to get inside. Blaze reached out and stopped her from moving.

“I told you that night on the beach you’re my woman. I expect you to uphold your part of the bargain.”

How dare he? Cassie stared at the man who’d stolen and crushed her heart not once but twice in the last three years.

“Do you really think that night has any standing here? Francesca intends to be your wife. She won’t sign the divorce papers, and you’re more than happy to keep her around. We’re done. Only this time there’s no hope of a third chance.” She yanked the door out of his grip and got inside.

Blaze stood and watched her. Her cheeks burned from his scrutiny. Her hands were shaking, and it took her several attempts to get the keys in the ignition.

Once the car was started up she rolled down the window.

“Move your car,” she said.

“No. You’re not going anywhere,” he said.

Cassie glared at him and hated seeing the look of triumph in his voice. She stared past him to his family stood on the porch. Chris had his arms folded and was glaring at the scene. His other brothers looked amused at the whole situation. Francesca held her son, and Molly stared at the scene.

Looking at the mother helped Cassie to make her choice. If she stopped the car and walked inside she’d forever feel second best, always living life knowing she’d never come first place. She might sound like a first-class bitch, but she wanted to be someone’s first for a change.

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