Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

“That’s it, baby. Take my cock, love it. So fucking tight and wet.” He slammed into her weeping vagina – holding her in place – letting loose with animal savagery. Cries, screams and groans filled the office, the air permeated with the scent of sex. He pulled out and slammed back in. Cassie cried out. Every nerve ending was shooting with sensation. Her pussy pulsed around his cock, begging for more of this powerful man. He thrust inside her, using her body to bring them both to mindless pleasure. Cassie had never felt anything so amazing in her life. She didn’t want it to stop. She wanted more.

“You make me lose myself,” Blaze said. Cassie screamed as Blaze completely lost it, riding her hard and deep. The pleasure was too intense.

“Cannot ... wait ... no ... control,” Blaze yelled. He fucked into her waiting pussy, growling as pulses of semen shot from his cock into her womb.

They collapsed together in a heap on his desk, naked and sweaty.

Cassie didn’t know how long they stayed like that. She needed to move.

“Blaze, I gotta get up.” She tapped his shoulder. Something wasn’t right. Cassie felt it, like an afterthought. There was something about the whole encounter that did not sit well with her. Blaze had never treated her with anything but the utmost respect. What had changed in the period between the phone call and now? There had been no talking, just sex. Unbelievable, sweaty, never going to forget it kind of sex, but still just sex.

Blaze moved, his cock sliding out of her vagina. Cassie whimpered ever so slightly.

He helped her to her feet. Cassie waited to see if he would speak to her. He didn’t say anything. Instead they both dressed in silence. The silence continued as he drove her home. She watched him drive away, her heart heavy.


Blaze didn’t watch her to the door. Instead he drove off feeling like the biggest fucking asshole in the world. He ran his fingers through his hair, and he smelt her scent all over him. For the past year he’d done nothing but fantasise about the fuller woman who worked in reception.

Her kind-hearted smile and general fun-loving attitude helped him through the dark days. Of all the shitty things he could do to her, he’d given her hope. A hope of a future. His brother, Chris, had warned him about leaving his timing too late. Not only had he left his timing too late, but he’d taken what he wanted because he knew Cassie Walker wouldn’t be in his future. The news Francesca had decided to give him had blown his whole world apart.

He pulled up to his house an hour later and hit his strongest scotch. For the next few weeks he needed to lose himself. He didn’t want to have a shower and wash away the woman he wanted more than anything else.

A second glass of strong liquor poured and consumed, he thought back to the night being inside Cassie.

She’d come to their offices at the ripe age of twenty-three. That was a year ago, and he’d been so impressed with her credentials he wanted her working for him. Most of the women were smaller in figure, and he’d been drawn to her fuller and earthier persona. Blaze had been surprised to learn she wasn’t married, and no man was waiting in the wings.

Shit. He drained the glass and poured another. The alcohol would do nothing but give him a few hours of darkness.

Blaze glanced down at his watch and picked up the phone. His father needed to be told when his eldest son was about to be a father and get hitched to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In his heart he was going straight to hell. He’d known that while fucking sweet Cassie. Like usual, he had taken what he wanted without caring who got hurt.

Chapter Two

Blaze didn’t call over the festive season, and Cassie spent it alone in her small house. She wished she had a family of her own, but instead she had work to look forward to. The first day of work after Christmas was the worst. Cassie felt nervous and unsure, but she was certain that Blaze felt something as well.

She smiled as employees came into the building, talking about how great their Christmas and New Year had been. She sat behind her desk, answering calls and dealing with the stack load of mail. Blaze hadn’t come through the main door. She knew he was in the building because she’d heard him and had put calls through to his office. He seemed to be avoiding her.

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