Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Francesca smiled, placing a hand on her hip. He saw the tell-tale signs then, the shaking of her hands and the glazed look in her eyes.

“You want more money?” he asked.

The one thing he had learnt being married to Francesca was she could sure keep a deadly secret.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She rubbed a spot under her nose.

“What’s the matter? The boyfriend doesn’t like the fact you’ve gotten rid of your one main source of income?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I miss you, Blaze, and I want us to be a family again.”

His anger came forward. They had never been a family. Francesca had used him to get what she wanted. She never loved him. “Get the fuck out of my property before I ruin you forever.”

“Ruin me? How can you ruin me?”

“I wonder how your boyfriend would take to finding out about your expensive snorting habit?”

Blaze smiled evilly and saw her pale. He was the only one who knew about her drug problem. He’d even tried to send her to rehab, which hadn’t worked. The sound of a car pulling up stopped him from destroying the mother of his child.

He frowned. Surely he was still awake. Cassie pulled up and got out of the car. H,e couldn’t believe she was back. Her hips swayed and he saw the determination on her face. She walked up to him, wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him. This time, with this woman, he responded. He picked her up in his arms and circled around with her.

“What’s going on?” he asked when she pulled away.

“I gave you a second chance, and this is me fighting for what is mine.” He placed her down on the ground.

Cassie gazed at him. “I love you, Blaze Sinclair. Always have and always will. You said I was yours on the beach. Well, you’re mine. Forever.”

Blaze smiled.

She loves me.

Cassie turned her attention to the woman at his side. He wasn’t prepared for what she did next, and Francesca had no time to defend herself.

Cassie shot her hand out and slapped her around the face, the sound loud and clear. “That’s for touching my boyfriend. I know you’re Blaze Junior’s mother, and I accept that. But you lay one hand on my man again and I’ll hurt you. Do you understand?”

Francesca nodded and scampered to her own car. Blaze watched her grab something from the car.

“He may be your boyfriend, but he’ll stay my husband,” she said as she threw the unsigned divorce papers at him.

Cassie went to hit her again, and Blaze held her.

“Francesca, do you remember that comfy divorce settlement? Well, that’s null and void in the face of adultery charges.”

“You don’t have any proof,” his ex-wife said.

“Actually, one of your past lovers tried to blackmail me with a sex tape. That tape is in my possession. You pick up those papers, and I won’t destroy your life.”

Blaze knew she was debating the option. The sex tape wasn’t a lie. He’d show it to the whole world if she didn’t sign those papers. The drugs, though, would mean she would not get to see Blaze, Jr., no matter what happened.

The threat was all it needed. She bent down and signed the papers. Minutes later her car zoomed off in the distance.

Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck.

“So, my little minx, you’d fight for me?”

“In a heartbeat.”

“That hit was classic, but how’s the hand?” he asked.

“Stinging. That bitch had it coming to her. I’ve beaten the bitch back, and you’re getting a divorce. What happens next?”


Five Years Later

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear daddy, Happy Birthday to you.”

Blaze laughed as his two sons and daughter brought out a cake and sang to him. Cassie stood behind the children, her stomach swollen with their third child. Blaze Junior was now a strapping boy of eight and loved being the oldest.

“Don’t forget to tell daddy to make a wish,” Cassie said.

Blaze couldn’t believe how magical his life had turned out. From that day at the beach house when Cassie had asked him what happens next, he hadn’t known what to say.

He cut the cake and then tucked his children into bed. Unfortunately, he’d worked late, and his kids were dead on their feet.

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