Blaze's Second Chance (The Sinclair Men)

By: Sam Crescent

Three years had been wasted. Besides the birth of his son, life with Francesca had been a nightmare. The woman was a manipulating, cheating bitch. He couldn’t stand her. Coming home to see her fucking the gardener in view of his son’s window had been the last straw. He thanked God that his little boy hadn’t been home that day.

“You don’t love me, Blaze. How can I ever be happy when you’re constantly thinking of someone else?” She had thrown the accusation at him. He couldn’t argue with her. He may have given her his name, his body and even his heir, but his heart and soul were owned by another, entirely different woman. A woman who called to the man and not just his money and position in life.

Cassie Walker. He thought about her often. What was she doing? Was she happy? He knew that Chris kept in touch with her regularly. Blaze never asked, and he couldn’t bear to go and see her. She tore his world apart with wishing and wanting. Some days it was all he did. Sat around and wondered what life would’ve been like if he’d gotten Cassie pregnant instead of Francesca. His relationship had been doomed from the start. While he’d been with Francesca, he’d fantasised about being with Cassie, and once during sex he’d screamed out Cassie’s name. The argument and the feud that succeeded had been horrendous. He stood on the patio, watching his son giggle as his young nanny tickled him.

“You little monster.” He listened to them both. They were more like brother and sister than nanny and charge.

“Daddy.” Blaze felt his heart lift as his little boy ran to him, beaming in happiness.

“Hey, little guy. You ready to go to Grandpa’s?” Blaze picked him up, holding him close.

“Yep, yep. Nanny Tracy, back when you need her.” His voice was so sweet and cute. His son melted his frozen heart. His words were all over the place for his age, but Blaze knew what his son meant.

“That’s right.” Blaze turned his attention to the nanny. “I’ll keep in touch. You’ve been a big help, Tracy.”

“Hey, what are neighbours for? And anyway I made some extra cash, so my dad won’t be driving me crazy when I ask.” She leaned up and kissed Blaze Jr. on the cheek. “Right, little monster, I will see you soon. Take care.”

“Bye, Nanny Tracy,” Blaze Jr. and Blaze said, following her to the door. They waved good bye. Blaze got his son’s attention with a little shake.

“Wanna go to Grandpa’s?”

“Yes. I wanna see Grandma Molly. She makes cookies.” Blaze Jr. smacked his lips.

Blaze chuckled. “Yep. Molly’s cookies are the best.”

Blaze strapped him into the car while his butler loaded the trunk with their suitcases. He waved off his butler and was on the road to his dad’s. It was a good three hour drive. Blaze spent his time singing kiddies songs and playing Simon Says.

No matter how often he sang, his mind would drift to one Christmas party where he had given his heart to the one woman who mattered.


Cassie was rushing around her apartment. Whiskers, who was now a lot fatter, just sat purring watching her.

“You know you could help me.” Cassie huffed at her incredibly fat cat. She would need to put him on a diet soon if he kept getting heavier.

Going away for three weeks shouldn’t be this stressful. Starting her first agency hadn’t been this stressful. She owned her own agency where high end companies paid for her and her staff to find, hire, and train staff. Much had happened in the three years since the disaster with Blaze Sinclair. She had managed to build up her own business, which she had thought she’d never be able to do. Due to all of her success, she had managed to buy her house. What she loved most about having her own business was the amount of time she had to spend attending to it. She didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on the past. There were times Blaze entered her mind, but the moment she began working his memory went right to the back. Owning her own home, a full-time working business, and having a substantial enough income for her to not worry about the future had been goals she never thought achievable. She had managed to conquer her own doubts. Her friendship with Chris Sinclair was the biggest shock of all. He was the best friend she’d ever had. She couldn’t regret a moment of it. Cassie Walker wasn’t the shy receptionist whom people saw walking into a building and forgot within five minutes. Now, she owned an office giving her the independence she needed. Her small company had a sound reputation.

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