Bleeding Heart

By: Alannah Carbonneau

As I stared at him, the water of the lake lapping at my chest, I felt the hottest, most burning desire to kiss him. It was the first time I had wanted to kiss him without any of his prompting. I wanted to kiss him because he made my heart flutter and my belly feel all light and airy. I wanted to kiss him because I wanted to.

I didn’t think or hesitate as I slid my arms around his broad shoulders, pulling myself closer to him. I saw his eyes widen and I knew I’d startled him - but I didn’t care. Pressing my lips to his, I kissed him softly. His reaction was instant and filled with fire. His lips moved against mine determinedly as he took control of the kiss. And like always, I submitted to him as he claimed me.

Soft moans filled the silence and I realized, with a blush, that they were sounding from deep inside of me. Calix must have liked my panting breaths, because I felt his hand dip into the bottoms of my swimsuit to cup my ass. Parting my lips on a gasp as Calix pulled me closer into his chest, I wrapped my legs around his waist. His tongue slid into my mouth, tasting, licking and sucking. Fire exploded in my body, it’s liquid heat soaring through my veins. I was hot. The cold of the water was long ago forgotten as I dove my fingers into his hair - pulling.

Calix groaned and liquid desire pooled in my core. I wanted him. I wanted to hear him making those sounds as I brought him pleasure. I wanted to be the reason he moaned. I wanted to be the reason he ached and trembled with desire and I wanted to be the reason he found satisfaction.

My thoughts were quickly dissolved as Calix lifted me higher against him. Tearing his lips from my mouth, he kissed and sucked his way down my throat. Tipping my head back, I moaned into the night - to the moon. His lips found the hollow of my throat and he sighed.

“You’re so fucking perfect.” His hand gripped my ass tightly, holding me in place as he brought his other to the cup of my swimsuit. Pulling it down, he bared my breast to the night. My pale skin appeared smooth and creamy in the white light of the night sky and my nipple was beaded - begging for his touch.

Splashing cool water over the flesh of my breast, Calix palmed me. His fingers kneaded the flesh as he watched, through hooded eyes, as I caught my lip between my teeth to restrain a moan. As though taking my lack of audible panting as a challenge, Calix’s eyes glimmered and he lowered his head, catching my breast in his mouth. Swirling his tongue around my nipple, I pressed myself against his mouth, aching for more, begging for something I couldn’t comprehend. I wanted him. Despite the water we were wading in, I knew I was wet with my desire for him. I was ready for him. When he bit gently, but firmly, around the bud of my nipple, I cried out into the night.

“Calix,” His name was a sob, a plea, and a prayer.

He didn’t respond. Instead, I felt him swimming us closer to the dock. His hand slipped from the bottom of my bathing suit and he pushed me to the ladder, breaking contact with my body. With the absence of his touch, I felt the chill of the water again and I almost cried.

“Climb up, love.”

Confused, I turned away from him to grip the ladder. I climbed up onto the dock, waiting for him on week knees as my body throbbed with unsatisfied desire. I watched him as he climbed the ladder behind me and when I saw the large, swollen evidence of his yearning for me beneath the dripping swim shorts, I was both further aroused and confused. He wanted me - why had he stopped?

Flashing his eyes to mine, I gasped at the heat in their depths. When he quickly stretched a towel over the surface of the dock, my heart raced. “Lie down.”

My knees locked. Standing there, as understanding lit up in my brain, I froze. Calix looked up at me from where he was kneeling on the corner of the towel and his cheek twitched. Lifting himself onto his feet, he moved toward me. Catching me around the waist, Calix physically moved me to the towel before pushing me down on my knees. When I was kneeling, he lowered himself to face me. His eyes connected with mine and I saw something in their deeps that affected not only my body - but also my heart. It leapt and ached at the same time, but then he pressed his lips to mine. Hunger for this dark man claimed my every thought as he pleaded for entrance to my mouth with his tongue. He didn’t have to plead long. Right now, in this moment - I would have given him everything he asked for - anything he wanted.

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