Bossing the Virgin

By: Lila Younger

“And what if you make a mistake?” I ask.

“That’s the risk you have to take,” he replies. “But that will have to wait for now. I can’t take off until I know that Red Canyon Steakhouse is doing well again. It would be wrong to just abandon the company and cost everyone their jobs.”

I’m surprised that Logan cares so deeply. At first I assumed that he was all about the money, but his words show different. It’s not something I’m used to from guys like him.

“There’s something I want to discuss with you today before I forget,” Logan says, interrupting my thoughts. “I was hoping that I could bring in the executive chefs from each restaurant for a tasting of the new menu. I think it’s important that they taste just how it should be done, and get to ask you questions to make sure that they are able to do it properly. It’ll have to be tomorrow because of the time crunch. This launch is the most important thing we can do. We only have one shot, so it’s got to be perfect. I’ve already started running advertising, and the original Red Canyon Steakhouse here in the city is going to host a big dinner and inviting all the food critics and bloggers in. Do you think you would be able to do that for me?”

“Yes, of course. Anything you want.”

There’s that flare of intensity in his eyes again. I thought I imagined it at the interview, but this time, only inches away, I see for sure the heat in his eyes. It’s like he sucked all the air out from around him, and my lips part.

“Good,” he says, in a tone that sends my stomach flip flopping and my pussy to pulse with very long-neglected need.

I need to put some space between us, before whatever is in the air makes me do something incredibly stupid.

“So tonight?” I say shakily.

And just like that, everything reverts back to normal. Logan breaks eye contact, standing up and gathering up the papers all over the counter.

“Tonight. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of this menu,” he says, tapping the list in his binder. “I better run this over so we get the new menu’s printed in time.”

He flashes me a smile and heads out. I can do this, I think. My food is good enough for Logan, it’ll be good enough for his staff.


“So is this some kind of work party?” Violet asks me as she carefully dabs eye shadow onto my face.

I’m over at her apartment, letting her get me ready. I can swipe on mascara like anyone else, but when it comes to looking good, I still rely on Violet to do my makeup. Tonight has ballooned into much more than just a few chefs coming to taste the new menu. Logan wants to formally introduce me to everyone. I’m the new “creative director” of their food, as he puts it, and a lot will be resting on my shoulders. If my food doesn’t cut it, the company could fail. Naturally, that makes everyone very curious to meet me. It’s got my stomach churning. I want to make a good impression and prove Logan’s faith in me.

“Not... exactly,” I say. “It’s sort of a work party, but everyone will be eating my food. And critiquing it. And taking it apart.”

“Your nervous,” she says, pulling back to check her handiwork. “You shouldn’t be. Your food’s fantastic. Why do you think I let you live here without rent?”

“Hey! I cooked you dinner every night,” I remind her.

“Thank God that’s over. I’m having to do the wiggle dance to get into my skinny jeans these days. Your carbonara needs to come with a warning sign.”

I smile. Violet’s trying to boost my confidence, and I appreciate it. I know that logically speaking, my food is good. But I’m just a little worried about how veteran chefs, with years of training under their belts, are going to think about a newbie like me telling them how to cook. For all I know, they might hate it. And maybe Logan will be more likely to take what they have to say than he would for me. I swallow hard.

“You’ll be fine,” Violet stresses when she sees how far up my shoulders are around my ears. “Why don’t you tell me more about Logan?”

That came out of left field. I’m so surprised that I instinctively jerk and she curses as the dark eye shadow she’s putting on me goes sideways.

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