Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

A Billionaire Accidental Engagement Romance




“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

A series of impatient honking responds to my desperate sigh as my black sedan becomes wedged in what seems like endless traffic. I drag my fingers back through my hair, drawing a few blonde strands back from my face. Downtown Miami’s streets are packed to the brim all around me.

In less than ten minutes, I have a job interview for a lead marketing position at one of the big companies in the city. Only a few days ago, I arrived in Miami and moved in with my roommate and long-time friend Melody. Once upon a time, Miami was home. I didn’t think I’d ever come back, but life is tricky like that.

After taking some time off from work and from relationships for a year, I finally decided to put myself back out there workwise. Dating is off the table for a while now so that I can focus on what’s important for me.

Boys wasted the majority of my twenties. Now, at thirty-one, I’m not even going to entertain them. What I will entertain is the success and fulfilment I’ve been chasing since college and just haven’t found quite yet.

“Finally,” I huff as the cars in front of me start moving. I can’t help but be impatient. I’ve been chasing goals since early college. I hardly know how to do anything else and taking such a long break is new to me. Now, I’m back in my groove. Just slower than before.

I’m not moving much, but at least I’m not stuck still not moving at all. I don’t have much time left to waste. On top of getting through this traffic on time, I also need to figure out where to go in this bustling landscape.

Another problem is that Miami looks so different from how I remember it. I don’t recognize half of the buildings around here, and so many of them look the same. The map app on my phone isn’t much help and only gives me the general proximity of where the business is. I’m forced to pull over and park on the side of the street.

I grab my black purse and climb out of the car. My damn pencil skirt rides up from the motion. I hastily tug at the hem to smooth it back down. The breeze from the nearby cars driving by ruffles my red blouse and hair.

“Oh, come on!” I sigh out as I wrestle with my clothes and hair.

I hardly have time to look around and figure out where I need to go. I take a quick glance at my phone, there’re only a few minutes left before I’m late. My black heels click against the warm sidewalk as I approach two large buildings. The sunlight shines off their silver exteriors, and they nearly look the same.

Since Variety Marketing Company is one of the most renowned around here, I take a gamble and decide to try the biggest building. I hurry toward the glass front door.

As I reach the door, I draw in a deep breath to calm my nerves. However, they don’t overcome my readiness to get back out there. This job can finally be the opportunity where I get to unlock my full potential, and my laundry list of skills and experience.

But, if I can’t even make the interview on time, I won’t have a chance at getting the job in the first place. I pull the door open and enter the large lobby. Businessmen and businesswomen hurry across the sleek tile floor to get to where they need to be. They seem so much more put together than I feel.

Up ahead, I spot the receptionist, a young brunette sitting behind a desk, her nails clack loudly on her computer’s keyboard. The building is far too large for me to navigate, so I make my way over to her to get some help. Only one minute to spare.

If I can at least check in on time, maybe it won’t look so bad. I’m usually not like this, but the traffic and the construction downtown caught me off guard. Hopefully, the boss will be understanding. Good luck hasn’t exactly graced me today.

I stop right before the receptionist desk and quickly smooth down my hair so I don’t look like a crazy person. This is Florida. When the receptionist smiles up at me, I part my lips to greet her, but a voice other than mine sounds through the lobby.

“Alyssa?” A deep and familiar voice says from somewhere over near the elevators.

At first, I think I’m making the voice up in my head because it’s been so long since I’ve heard it. I haven’t seen him since college, and that was nearly ten years ago. I thought our paths would never cross again, and I don’t know if I feel dread or excitement that we’re sharing the same space again right now.

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