Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

“Aw, you’re going to say that even after I save you from the doom and gloom of Variety Marketing?” I ask her. She’s better than them. She probably works at the caliber of some place like my company. We only accept the best.

That thought captures me. I can use some help beating out the competition for more clients, and I know she’s good at pitching companies to potential clients. It’s almost like fate has aligned us, and I’d be a fool to pass this up when it’s been thrown in my lap.

“In fact, I’ll one up myself and offer you a job interview to work for me,” I tell her.

Alyssa’s eyes immediately widen at my proposal. Silence hangs between us for a few seconds as we stare at each other.

“Do you happen to have a position open?” She finally asks me.

Maybe I’m making an exception for her because we were close, but she’s also good at what she does. I don’t need to look through her work history to know that. Back in college, she embodied passion and success, even more than me. I know it would only help my company to hire her.

Obviously I can’t just hand the job to her. I need to make her work for it a little with an interview. It’ll keep people from claiming I gave her the job just because I know her. Maybe I just want to play around with her too.

“That depends on you. Will you take an interview?” I reply with a smile. I also can’t help but be interested in what she’s been up to. Her parents moved out of the state around when she did, so I haven’t heard anything about what she’s been doing since she left Miami. It also makes me wonder why she’s back in the first place.

Alyssa soon realizes what I’m up to.

“You don’t have to offer me a job because I’m looking or anything. I can find one on my own,” she points out to me.

“I can be kind, you know,” I say as I step closer. I can smell her hair products from there. It reminds me of the beach and the sun, a scent easy to get dizzied from.

Alyssa laughs a little at my words with an unsure look on her face.

“If it’s for your own gain. I’m guessing you need my help with something?” She asks.

She’s good. So good. How can she read me like a book even so many years later? I figure we can help each other out, though. She needs an opportunity, and I need to take down my competition. The universe is speaking to us.

“I’ll tell you about this highly important project if you take the interview,” I bargain with her. It’s a good job, and I know I can offer her more than anyone else in this city. I think she knows that too deep down.

Alyssa sighs softly as she ponders my words. She always takes a moment to debate her next move, while I dive for them. Together, our pace is brought to neutral. Maybe she’ll show me something I’ve missed.

“This is serious, right? I’m looking for a career, not to give a favor to … an old friend,” she replies in a serious tone. When it comes to business, she doesn’t play. She’s worked too hard to.

“Old friend?” I scoff.

“That’s all you heard out of that?” Alyssa rolls her eyes.

I was waiting for the eye roll. She can be a bundle of sass if I press the right buttons, and I know ignoring what she says is an easy way to bring that side of her out. Maybe I’m doing it on purpose because it’s kind of cute when she gets sharp with me. It’s almost nostalgic.

“This is a serious job offer in my marketing department. I will pay you well, and I won’t waste your time,” I assure her. I know she wants security.

Alyssa’s tense expression eventually lightens up.

“I guess I can take you up on that offer,” Alyssa tells me with a shrug.

We disagree and bicker about a lot, but our work ethic is the same. We both seek success, and we can give that to each other. Maybe love wasn’t for us. Maybe it was actually success instead, and that doesn’t bother me at all.

“Good. You can blow off Variety Marketing for me. I’m more important anyway,” I chuckle as I flash her a grin and extend my hand toward the elevators.

Alyssa gives me a surprised look when she follows my motion.

“We’re doing the interview now?” She questions me.

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