Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

“Does me being your boss make you nervous?” He murmurs.

I nearly shudder at his touch, which irritates me. I don’t want him affecting me in this way.

“No, I just want things to be professional between us. No drama. No digging things up from the past,” I reply as I force my body to relax under his hands. I don’t want to mess this opportunity up for myself.

Ethan draws his hands away from my shoulders. His fingertips trail along the thin material of my blouse. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to take his hands off me.

“There will be no problems with us working together. I need you to win over Red Light Media. You need a job, so it’s yours to have,” Ethan tells me as he makes his way over to the desk to perch on the front of it again. “Well, if you can take an order from me.”

I glare at him for a moment. I can’t help but wonder if anything he says can be without a layer of innuendo. However, he’s just offered me a very good job that can open a lot of doors for me in the future. I’d be stupid to say no, and we’ve promised to behave.

“I accept your offer,” I say as I stand from my seat, tilting my chin up to meet his gaze.

It’s a relief finally saying those words. When I first prepared to job hunt again, I was incredibly nervous that I’d have a hard time finding something and that my year off would actually hurt me. However, it looks like things are working out for me so far.

Ethan smiles to himself as he stands with me, towering over me.

“Welcome to Voss Consults,” he says.

I put my hand out and watch him shake my hand in a firm grip. I squeeze back just as tightly. I refuse to be intimidated by those dark eyes and that charming smile. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge getting used to seeing him every day, but I’m finally back on track. Success is so close. I just can’t let myself be distracted.

“Thank you, Mr. Voss,” I reply and stress his name just to tease him. He likes to play a certain game, and I plan to come out on top. However, I still can’t help but feel a warm tingle shudder through me just from his touch. ↡



Upbeat electronic music thumps throughout the upscale VIP club like a heartbeat. Businessmen and women chatter amongst themselves and flirt with the waitresses and bartenders. Club Echo is a world of its own, and I love living in it.

“Good crowd tonight,” Aaron says as he leans back on the long black lounge sofa in our usual corner of the club. Aaron is my closest and most trusted friend since we met at college. From here, we can see the dance floor. It’s a field full of potential prospects for the night.

“One Jack and Coke and one Old Fashioned,” a cheery voice quips from beside me.

I turn to watch a pretty redhead place our drinks down on the small wooden table in front of us. Her tight black uniform grips her curves just right, and something about strobe lights makes everyone look twice as good as normal.

“Thanks, honey,” I tell her as I reach out to slip her tip into her hand. She looks familiar, and I’m pretty sure something happened between us during some wild night that I can’t fully remember.

The redhead bites her lip subtly and flashes me a wink before striding back to the bar.

I chuckle and turn back to Aaron once I grab my drink. I lift the edge of the glass to my lips to take a sip. It’s strong and sweet. Just how I like it.

“How’s being a software engineer?” I ask. All I know is he’s smart and works with technology. His job is something I’d never be able to grasp, but I like being around smart people. The best thing a businessman can do is listen to wise people and their advice.

Aaron shrugs with a small smile. The lights from the dance floor bounce off his black blazer and white undershirt.

“Can’t complain, not with the paycheck I get,” he points out before sipping on his whiskey.

I understand where he’s coming from. It’s hard to complain when he gets to buy a new Tesla and anything his heart desires. It doesn’t even matter how hard his work is.

“Something interesting happened to me today at work,” I tell him as my thoughts shift to what happened earlier today. It still strikes me as weird, even now into the night. My ex-girlfriend works for me now, and she’s going to help me outdo Rafael Navaro.

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