Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

Aaron sets down his drink and gives me a curious look.

“What’s that?” He prompts me to continue.

I settle back against the lounge with my drink in my hand.

“Do you remember Alyssa from college?” I ask. He has to remember since he was my best friend at that point. He encouraged me to ask her out freshman year, and he was there for me when we broke up in our senior year. He was there for everything.

“Your ex-girlfriend? How can I forget? You were head over heels for that girl,” Aaron chuckles at me.

I scoff and shake my head. He’s making me sound like I was obsessed with the girl. We just had a good relationship until it turned into a bad one. Everyone has a relationship like that.

“Anyway, she stumbled into my work today wanting to interview for the business next door. I offered her a position at my company,” I explain as I mentally pat myself on the back for capturing an opportunity like that. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so successful. I jump on opportunities instead of shying away from them.

“Seriously? Did she accept?” Aaron asks, sitting up a little.

“Of course. Who would pass up working for the biggest consulting firm in the state?” I smirk.

Aaron hums thoughtfully beneath his breath and takes another drink. He remains quiet for a few moments.

“What?” I prod him, wondering what’s on his mind. He’s not as outspoken as me, so I have to pry things out of him, especially if it’s something I don’t want to hear.

“I mean, you’re working with her out of all people. Is that going to change things for you?” Aaron asks.

“What would it change?” I reply with a confused shake of my head.

“Come on, man. You’ve picked up like three waitresses just from this one club. You’re the opposite of monogamy, and the girl you wanted to marry one day is back in your life,” Aaron points out.

I down the rest of my drink and place the empty glass on the table. I don’t regret how I am. It’s painless and fun, so why would I uproot my great life for something that didn’t work out? I know how risk works.

“That’s all in the past. Do you see how different I am now? How much happier I am? I’d never go back,” I scoff. I worked hard to get to this point. I’m not about to regress, especially for a relationship. I watched too many break apart, even if they weren’t my own.

Aaron stares at me for a few long moments before nodding. He doesn’t look as convinced as I expect him to be, but I stand by what I said.

“I just want you to be happy, man. In whatever way that is,” Aaron replies as he tips his glass to me.

I nod gratefully. He’s my best friend. I know he’s looking out for me, but I know what I want. I know what’s good for me. Even if it’s charming and beautiful, that’s not going to sway me in the wrong direction.

“I am happy. Alyssa doesn’t change that,” I tell him. I need to hear myself say it out loud too.

“Need another Jack and Coke, sweetie?”

I feel the redhead’s fingers perch on my shoulder as she moves close to my side, but it’s an almost far off feeling. I hardly even register the touch.

“Sure, thanks,” I reply absentmindedly. Aaron’s words are stuck in my mind, even if our conversation ended.

The redhead frowns at me before moving to sit beside me. She tosses her hair over her shoulder and leans close.

“I get off at two if you want to continue what we were doing last time,” she purrs.

I don’t remember what she’s talking about, and I don’t care to try right now. Typically, I’m in the mood for messing around, but that’s the farthest thought in my mind right now. Even being in a booming club isn’t getting me in the mood.

“I don’t know you. Sorry,” I tell her as I look away from her.

The redhead looks stunned at my words.

“It’s Valorie,” she huffs. When I don’t respond, she rolls her eyes and abruptly stands. “Jerk.”

I listen to the clicking of her heels as she storms away. She’ll forget about me in thirty minutes when some other guy has her attention. It was the same for me. That’s how it goes.

“What’s her problem?” I joke as I glance over at Aaron.

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