Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

“Some other girl has your attention,” Aaron replies before giving me a pointed look and heading to the bar.

I shake my head at him. Alyssa is not someone I love anymore. She’s not someone I constantly think about anymore. She’s just my employee. Nothing else. I follow Aaron to the bar to grab another drink as the music shakes my chest and the club comes alive all around me.



My bedroom is still littered with unpacked moving boxes but my shared apartment with Melody has a homey feeling to it. I managed to put some of my decorations in the living room and kitchen earlier, like a wooden wine rack from my last place and a few modern abstract prints on the wall. Luckily, it blends well with Melody’s small plants, her pride flag hanging in the living room window, and her cream and teal color scheme.

Even after being apart for so many years, we still seem to fall back in sync with each other. We’ve known each other since grade school and kept in touch when we went off to different colleges. Somehow, we still found our way back to each other back at home.

“How about a peach rosé?” Melody asks as she peers at my wine rack, her shoulder-length black hair falling into her face as she leans over.

“That’s a good one,” I call to her from the living room as I curl up on the polyester sofa in my lounge shorts and a tank top. I’m tired after today, which was far more eventful than I ever imagined it to be. I’m glad to be at home so that I can clear my head a little.

Clinking and thuds sound from the small kitchen as Melody grabs the wine bottle and two wine glasses before heading into the living room. She pours us both a glass and settles on the couch next to me, a crop top and high-waisted lounge pants adorning her curvy figure.

“To working for your ex-boyfriend,” she laughs as she raises her glass to me.

“I don’t know if that’s something to toast to,” I reply pointedly before clinking my glass against hers.

I take a deep sip of the wine and hum at its sweet bite. I miss girls’ night like this. When I lived in New Jersey and Maryland, I was working so much that I didn’t make a lot of friends. I had hook-ups that turned into boyfriends, but those didn’t pan out well.

“At least he pays you well,” Melody points out as she holds her wine glass close to her chest.

“You’re making me sound like a prostitute now,” I tell her as laughter bubbles from me. If work consists of what Ethan and I used to do together, then maybe I’d qualify. However, things are professional between us now. How they’re supposed to be.

“You do have the looks for it,” Melody teases me as she nudges my knee.

I swat at her playfully as a lightness fills my chest. I’m glad to be with my best friend again. I felt disconnected from everything for a while, but I think I needed that. I needed to see what I was missing.

“There will be no sex with him or anyone. I have sworn off dating,” I tell her firmly. I need to set boundaries for myself. Now that Ethan officially hired me and I filled out all the paperwork, I’m back in it. I need to focus and prove that the last ten years of my life weren’t a waste.

“Aw, it’s so fun, though, cute dates and sweet memories,” Melody lists off wistfully.

“Heartbreak and manipulation,” I add before taking a sip of my wine. I’m being a bit of a dark cloud, but everyone views things differently. She sees rainbows and sunshine. I see risk, sadness and distraction. I don’t want those things in my life anymore.

“Okay, Ms. Doom and Gloom,” Melody mutters before scooting closer to me. “That’s in the past. Maybe things can be different this time.”

I have a feeling she’s hinting at Ethan. There’re second chances in life, but I don’t think they apply to relationships. There’s too much mess to wade through.

“I’d rather find something new down the road. My parents met in their late twenties and have stayed married to this day in their sixties. I want something like that,” I reply as I lower my eyes.

My parents are sweet and supportive of each other and of me. They still go on dates and celebrate anniversaries like it’s their first one. It’s perfect.

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