Bossy Fiance Mistake

By: Roxy Reid

If I’m going to tread the dangerous waters of dating, I want to risk it for a relationship like that. It’s the only kind that’s worth it. Something already broken that’ll never be fixed isn’t worth it to me.

“Then, you guys can pack up and move to Hawaii to live in paradise together too,” Melody murmurs as her face glows.

I can’t help but smile at that thought. I was surprised to hear that my parents wanted to live the rest of their lives all the way out there, but I’m happy for them. They know what’s best for them. I know what’s best for me. That’s moving back home to finish the hard work I started.

“Well, that’s way in the future. For now, work is my baby,” I quip as I tap my fingernail against my wine glass.

“Badass businesswoman,” Melody compliments me with a beaming smile.

I’m working on the badass part. Hopefully, Ethan doesn’t test me or I’ll have to bring that side of me out. I try to do things as calmly and professionally as possible at all times, but he’s one of the few who can dig his way under my skin.

“So are you. Everything going good at the design studio?” I prod Melody. She’s the most artistic person I know, so I gave over most of the decorating work for the apartment to her.

“It’s been … pretty interesting,” Melody murmurs as her eyes drop to her wine glass. Her lips twitch, like she’s trying to hide a smile.

Even all these years later, I can still read her like a book. I lean closer to her and tilt my head.

“What’s so interesting?” I ask as I lift my eyebrows. I can tell it’s something personal too. She’s confident and open about her design work.

Melody shrugs as she leans her side against the back of the sofa.

“There’s another designer I work with. His name is Adam,” Melody starts to explain. Her cheeks already start to turn pink. “He’s really cute, but I don’t know if he likes me the way I like him.”

I nod and listen. I can’t help but feel incredibly happy that she found someone she really likes. Like anyone, she’s faced hard breakups, but she bounces back well. I strive for her optimism.

“Have you guys met outside of work? Maybe that could help you tell,” I suggest. The workplace is hard on relationships. I don’t plan to face such an issue.

“I invited him to this little food festival happening in town this weekend. I’m hoping he decides to come,” Melody murmurs as a slightly worried look crosses her face.

I smile a little and reach out to squeeze her hand. I want her to know that she has my full support. Melody is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She deserves true happiness, and I hope this Adam guy will give her that if she has the chance to.

“I bet he will, and you guys will have a blast together,” I encourage her. I don’t want her to lose hope. Even if things seem uncertain, it doesn’t mean that things won’t turn out for the best. She just can’t give up before giving this a chance first.

“Maybe I can ask him out then?” Melody asks me.

“If the moment feels right, do it,” I tell her with a nod. I want her to jump on the opportunity. It might be the best decision of her life if she does, and I want that possibility for her. I know that she wants that for me too when the time comes.

“Thanks. There’s just something about him that makes me so nervous,” Melody sighs.

I give her shoulder a light shake to get her spirits up. I know how daunting dating can be. It’s one of the reasons I’ve backed away from it. However, for her, the best thing she can do is run into the fray.

“Because you really like him. The more flustered you get, the better.” I point out. If he’s not making Melody blush or act like a fool, Adam isn’t the right one.

Melody laughs and nods her agreement. She pats my thigh thankfully before hopping to her feet.

“I’m gonna order some Indian food for us,” she tells me as she strides to the kitchen to grab the menu.

Once she leaves, I smile to myself and shake my head at my life right now. I’m a mix of nervous and excited to start my job. I know what I need to do and how to do it, but Ethan complicates things. He’s distracting. He’s even doing it now, and he’s not even here.

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