Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

Why did I even remember? Because she’d blossomed into a young woman much faster than any of the other girls. And I’d fallen hard for her. Even then, I was nothing but a shit, a pompous kid who believed all the hype—that I deserved whatever I desired. She’d always played hard to get, but even then, the sparks had been obvious. One day I’d pulled her into a bathroom and we kissed, the moment sizzling with passion. I chuckled, given the memory. Yeah, everything had been so passionate that she gave me a black eye afterwards.

That was the day I knew I was in love with her.

How times changed. I hadn’t thought about her for over ten years. Perhaps karma was rearing its ugly head. Only this time, I would be the winner.

I stood in the same place, sipping the stiff scotch, thinking about the next course of business. While I couldn’t press completely forward without the final contract, I could begin making certain alterations to Bishop Enterprises itself, plans I’d been developing during the last six months. What my father didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

I polished off the drink and grabbed my keys, heading out. Maybe I’d take the next damn day off. I was, after all, the CEO. Snickering, I grabbed my sunglasses, tossing them on as I strode out of the building. The moment I neared my car, I sensed a presence behind me. I had the gun in my hands even before I turned around, pointing the Glock in the direction of the visitor.

“Brother. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Giovanni laughed, and he held his arms into the air, amused that I’d resorted to pulling a gun on him. “Fear doesn’t look good on you.”

“What do you want, Gio? I’m tired and ready for a quiet night.” While I lowered the weapon, I had no intention of putting it away just yet. I’d known for years Giovanni would have no issue with sanctioning my murder to obtain his right to power.

“I have no intention of stopping you.”

“Then what do you want?”

Gio smiled and sauntered closer. He always appeared defiant when he and I were together, as if he was top dog. “I came here to warn you.”

“Warn me?” I kept the gun by my side, my finger on the trigger, glancing in both directions to see if anyone was watching. The united front between family members had to be kept in appearances at all times. At this exact moment given the nasty mood I was in, the concept pissed me off. If there was any wind of disparagement within our family, other syndicates would be told, opening the door to a takeover attempt. Even I didn’t want that to happen. However, if I was assassinated in private by one of Gio’s soldiers then an escalated war would only aid in Gio’s rise up the food chain.

“Yes, brother. You’ve been far too busy pretending to be a businessman to notice what’s going on around you.” Gio kept the smirk on his face.

I unlocked the car and leaned against the driver’s door. I was fed up and wouldn’t take his bullshit but for so long. There was bad blood between us and he was lucky I hadn’t taken him out years before. “Just talk, Gio. Tell me what you need to say then go to one of your bars or clubs. I’m sure you can find some woman who hasn’t heard your ridiculous come-on lines before.”

He narrowed his eyes, anger creating creases in his forehead. “Then the warning will be quick and easy. There are people ready to take you out as the weakest link. If you don’t make certain that little girl signs the papers, you will become a target and there’s nothing either I or Father can do to stop them.”

News certainly traveled fast. “Are you threatening me, big brother, because if you are, I have no issue dealing with the situation right here. Right now.” I clenched the Glock, itching to have him try and fight me.

Crowding my space, he hissed, “Do it. Just go right ahead. I know you don’t have the balls. You take our mother’s maiden name, refusing to accept your heritage. You have the stink of a coward.”

My hand was around his throat within a split second and I threw him against the car, my fingers digging into his skin. “Don’t you dare say anything about our mother.” I held the gun next to his head, the barrel just inches away from his face. “Not a fucking word. Do you understand me?”

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