Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

I took another sip, savoring the fact the glass used as a prop allowed me to enjoy lusting after a stranger. She was a tall redhead with killer long legs and the dress she wore was simple yet seductive in a classy way. My cock was screaming for relief, my balls tightening. She certainly didn’t seem to be with anyone. In fact, she appeared lost or maybe a touch vulnerable. “Hey, Jimmy. Whatever she’s having, buy her another one on me. Let’s make it a glass from the most expensive bottle of wine you have. Yeah.”

“Hmmm... All right. You got it, but only one.” Jimmy laughed as he pointed his finger. “Keeping you on a budget.”

“Funny boy. Real funny,” I countered, my thoughts shifting straight to the kind of kink that could incinerate the bar.

She enjoyed wine, even savoring the flavor, but she was antsy. As Jimmy poured from one of his reserve bottles of merlot, I concentrated on her alluring eyes, the way they cut either up or down depending on what she was looking at. Even the slight smile she had was as if she knew a burning secret. I hadn’t felt this kind of reaction in years. Shit, I was even tingling all over.

The wine was presented, and she was obviously told who’d bought her the drink. She lifted her glass, giving a single nod. Then she simply looked the other way.

I’m not certain if I was incensed or riled, but obviously I wasn’t her type. Exhaling, I tried to think of anything else, pretending I didn’t give a shit, but my eyes continued to sweep in her direction. She had an unassuming way about her, the fresh girl next door look. As if I’d know what in the hell that was like. Hmmm... She darted another glance in my direction but refused to lock eyes.

However, there was no denying the attraction between us. I could feel the electricity shifting into high voltage mode from across the room. I was a damn fool to consider getting involved, but I enjoyed taking risks. I grabbed my glass and headed in her direction. I had nothing better to do tonight so what the hell. “Hello. A beautiful lady sitting all alone is a crime.”

“Hmmm... I rather enjoy being alone. People watching.” She gave me a cautious look before a glimmer of recognition crept into her eyes. “Thank you for the wine. Delicious. An Opus One. I’d say 2011, no, a 2012. Very nice.”

“You know your wines.”

“Let’s just say I’ve enjoyed many bottles over the years. Granted, nothing this expensive.” She laughed, the sound throaty, as if she’d just experienced a heated round of sex. Her skin held a shimmer, her fiery eyes highlighted in the flicker of candlelight.

Inhaling the scent of her perfume was far too intoxicating, forcing my cock to throb. “I can attest to doing the same.” I held out my hand. “Jagger.”

She gave me a hard once-over, her eyes ever so briefly settling on my crotch before accepting the handshake. “Kitty.”

“A very beautiful name.”

“Thank you. Now, I realize this is going to sound extremely rude and that’s not necessarily the kind of person that I am usually, but I’m not here to get fucked, laid, or otherwise pestered into giving a blowjob. I’m trying to find a job in a town that seems to think you need a PhD in just about everything. I’m a little cranky and no doubt need a good night’s sleep that I doubt I’ll find in the fleabag motel I’m forced to stay in. You seem like a very nice guy. You’re also extremely sexy and I do appreciate the gesture but if you can just buzz off, that would be fabulous.” She huffed and brought the wineglass to her lips, taking a huge gulp.

From a two-thousand-dollar bottle of wine, one that she obviously knew the cost of. I was floored. Speechless. I hadn’t been left speechless in a solid ten years.

“I’m sorry. Was that too much information for you?” Kitty asked before licking the rim of the glass.

“Actually, that was refreshing. Brutal honesty is rare these days.” I held up my glass. “To the truth.”

She lifted a single eyebrow, the action forcing a strand of hair to fall into her eyes. “To never telling lies. I abhor anyone who does.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” The sip wasn’t nearly enough, and I lifted my glass, glaring at Jimmy as he gave me a knowing look. “If you don’t mind me asking. What kind of a job are you looking for?” What did I think I was going to do, take her home with me? She couldn’t tolerate my brand of desire.

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