Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

Shrugging, she bit her lower lip, as if debating telling me anything.

“I promise you that I’m not a serial killer. A leech, maybe, but only when I’ve had too much tequila.” Yeah, saying the words was a not so gentle reminder that a nice girl would never have anything to do with an asshole like me.

This time she laughed, the lilting sound floating over the din of music, creating another series of vibrating pulses sliding down my spine.

“At this point, anything administrative. I was an assistant to the president of a large manufacturing company back in Wisconsin, but no one wants to give me a chance in Chi town. My mother warned me not to come here. She said nothing good would come out of teasing the devil.”

“Your mother sounds like an interesting woman.”

“You have no idea.” She shook her head, her smile turning mischievous.

There were insidious thoughts racing through my mind, the kind of dark and evil desires that would frighten any woman away. I wanted her shackled and waiting, her naked body glistening from my cum covering her body. I could envision spanking her sweet ass, disciplining her for every misdeed she would do. Beads of sweat slid down the back of my neck. Damn, this girl turned me on. “Chicago can be a tough town.”

“Tough? The interviews have been horrible. Nasty people. They want me to be on time, but I haven’t found one of them on time yet. And the attitudes. Jesus. I’m not some two-bit idiot. I have experience. I don’t want to have to go back home if I don’t have to. I want to do this all on my own. I know that sounds... foolish.” Kitty groaned. “Listen to me babbling on when I clearly snubbed you.”

“Don’t worry. I can handle the heat.”

“I just bet you can.”

I chuckled and allowed myself to inch closer. “Maybe tough was mild. I might have an idea for you.”

“An idea?” Her expression was tentative but interested. I could tell she was intrigued, even longing to extend the conversation.

“I know a company that might be hiring.”

“Hmmm... Let me guess, some greasy spoon looking for waitresses.”

“What you must think of me.” Everything about this girl was electrifying.

Kitty grinned. “As far as the nice meter, which I use in order to determine if I’m going to like a person, you rank pretty high.”

“Why, thank you very much.” I could see Jimmy rolling his eyes in the background. I grabbed a bar napkin. “Jimmy. Can I borrow a pen?”

“Gonna cost you,” he chortled as he tossed me one.

“Put it on my tab,” I countered, unable to take my eyes off her face. “Here’s the address. Just ask for Molly. Tell her that I sent you for an administrative position and she’ll know what to do. I think you’ll enjoy the job.”

She accepted the handwritten note, the same tentative look remaining. “I don’t like handouts of any type.”

“Trust me. There won’t be. If you don’t cut it, the owner will can your ass in a heartbeat. He’s a fair guy, but likes his employees disciplined in all methods.”

“Hmmm... Okay. I guess I have nothing to lose. I really do appreciate your help. I’m on my last couple of hundred dollars.” She wrinkled her nose. “Another round of TMI.”

“And I’m just glad I could help.” Knowing I was going to see her again meant I wouldn’t push. Just yet anyway. But soon, very soon in fact, this woman would learn to obey me. Nice girl and bad boy. Perfect. After all, she was going to become my submissive.

* * *

I walked into the office before seven, prepared to work on the contracts, at least putting out some of the fires in preparation for the final deals. One way or the other, they were going to happen. I’d decided to come into work given Gio’s threat. I knew he was fishing. I could also catch a fleeting glimpse of my newest employee. Hiring someone off the street wasn’t my normal method of operation, but I hadn’t been able to resist. Knowing that I would see her again had kept me in good spirits. I’d give it a couple of days then request her attendance at dinner. Yes. She was young and could enjoy being mentored. Just not at the office. I grabbed a cup of coffee before heading down the hall.

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